An ‘epic fart’ helped get Knicks ready for Game 5 rout of Pacers

Teams are finding plenty of ways to motivate themselves for the big games.

The fart may be new to any professional sports team, but for the Knicks it may have been the secret to their Game 5 victory on Tuesday night.

This was revealed by Fred Katz of The Athletic. “Knicks Film School” Podcast On Thursday, he announced that an “epic fart” helped break the ice in the locker room ahead of a blowout win that would send the Knicks to the second round.

The exact player who fired the crucial toot has not been revealed, but Katz appeared on “The Dan Le Batard Show with Stargots” and revealed details of the event.

Isaiah Hartenstein #55 greets New York Knicks guard Jalen Brunson #11 after Brunson hits a 3-point shot during the third quarter.
Charles Wenzelberg/New York Post

Katz told Le Batard that the fart had a lot of noise but no smell, saying: “It’s loud but it’s proud.”

“It was purely audio. As a matter of fact, when it happened, it went on for much longer than you would expect from the amount of it and the circumstances,” Katz said.

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“In fact, there was no audible reaction at all. There was complete silence, and when the player turned to look at one player, he looked around as if he was unrecognizable and said with a completely straight face, ‘ There’s something wrong with the pipes here,” he said, bursting into laughter. ”

The Knicks currently lead the series against the Pacers 3-2.
The Knicks currently lead the series against the Pacers 3-2. Charles Wenzelberg/New York Post

This new detail led manager Le Batard to suggest that it might have been more of a joke than a fart, easing tensions in the Knicks’ room after losing their second straight game at Indiana.

In any case, the Knicks made a complete comeback from their Game 4 loss at Indiana, scoring a 30-point victory behind Jalen Brunson’s 44-point performance.

Game 6 will be played Friday night at Gainbridge Fieldhouse in Indiana.