Chris Murphy Blames Trump, GOP for Border ‘Mess’ — They Think ‘It Helps’ Republicans

Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., said Sunday on CBS’ “Face the Nation” that former President Donald Trump tried to keep the U.S.-Mexico border “chaotic.”

A partial transcript follows:

MARGARET BRENNAN: You’re talking about a bill that you helped write. And it was up for a vote, and they knew it would fail. It was about messaging. But Senator Gary Peters, who’s helping keep the Democrats in the Senate, was on the show last week and asserted that the president should be talking more about the border. Why doesn’t he?

MURPHY: I agree that the American people want to talk about border security. And now the president has an opportunity to negotiate with Republicans and talk about the Democratic proposals to control the border. And the president is on the other side of the fence…

BRENNAN: Or they could have spent months or weeks rallying their support.

MURPHY: Or President Trump wants to keep the border in chaos because he thinks it’s politically advantageous. This is as stark a contrast as we’ve ever seen from Democrats on the border issue. Democrats support bipartisan border security, and Republicans want to keep the border in chaos because it’s good political reason for them. And the president and every Democrat who’s running for office should be talking about that.

BRENNAN: But, but, we’ve really dug deep on this bill that you helped write on this show, and the conditions and exceptions don’t really matter much to Americans who just want to get something done. The president can take executive action, and we’ve been talking about that since February, when the secretary of Homeland Security said he was considering it. Should the president be caught trying? Should he pull the trigger and do something with executive action?

MURPHY: The president has limited power to issue executive orders that affect the border. He can’t just scrape together resources out of thin air. If the president tried to close parts of the border, I think the courts would strike it down within weeks. The only thing…

BRENNAN: What’s being considered here is 212(f) authority.

MURPHY: Well, I think the only way to bring order to the southwest border is through bipartisan legislation. There is a bipartisan border bill. If Republicans decide to support it, it will pass. It can even be brought to the president’s desk. It’s up to Donald Trump and the Republicans to decide whether they want to solve the border problems or keep the border in chaos for political advantage in the upcoming election.

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