Dirt Dog hosts ‘upsetting’ ‘Bluey’-themed event in Las Vegas

A Las Vegas hot dog shop unintentionally hosted an “upsetting” Bluey-themed event last week that left several children in tears.

Dirt Dog hosted an event called “Bluey Day!” at one of its Sin City locations on May 11. The event was a reference to the Australian children’s TV show “Bluey,” which is about a blue Australian cattle dog.

The gathering advertised face painting, special treats and “Meet Bluey and Friends,” according to the Facebook event.

“Let’s celebrate Bluey together!! Bluey all episode marathon!” A promised event.

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A Bluey impersonator who attended the event reportedly upset children with his appearance. (KVVU)

More than 3,000 people responded to the event on Facebook. But those arriving at the event were disappointed by Dirt Dog’s offerings, including a Bluey impersonator in a cheap costume with his face and beard showing.

Their mother, Stephanie Hernandez, told FOX 5 Vegas that her children were “distraught” by what happened.

“Some of the children were crying. Some were upset and crying on their parents’ shoulders,” the parent explained. “How can you promote a super fun and eventful event for kids from toddlers to 6-7 year olds and not actually do it for little kids?”

“It was a really sad moment to see so many children, especially my daughter, really upset.”

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Tripartite graphic with snacks, attendants, and Bluey events

Dirt Dog held a “shocking” Bluey-themed event in Las Vegas in early May. (KVVU)

Dirt Dog told FOX 5 that the restaurant was expecting fewer than 60 people to attend, but was overwhelmed by the response. The organizers were unaware of the popularity of the children’s program.

“If we knew now who Bluey was, we would have planned ahead and stayed safe,” the spokesperson explained. “We are very much a family. We love each other and support each other. We will continue to organize events, especially free ones, for families to come and have a good time together. intend to.”

Residents took to Facebook to express how disappointed they were with the incident.

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One person wrote, “I drove an hour just to meet a grown man in pajamas.”

Bluey event split image

Despite the overwhelming response on Facebook, Dirty Dog was only expecting 50-60 people to attend the event. (KVVU)

“This was horrible and a waste of time,” the mother wrote. She said, “My daughter was very disappointed.”

Dirt Dog told Fox News Digital that it “deeply regrets” the May 11 event and is planning a follow-up event featuring “authentic mascots and additional activities.”

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“We deeply regret that the recent Bluey event did not live up to the expectations we set and disappointed those who were excited to see the real mascot of the character Bluey,” the company said in a statement.