Disney’s Dr. Who goes LGBTQ, casts gender bending characters

It took just four minutes for Disney’s new Doctor Who series to introduce its first transgender character, but viewers are overwhelmingly dissatisfied.

“Not only were we introduced to a trans singer right away as viewers, but for some reason the writers of the show thought it would be appropriate and fun to portray the Doctor as someone who likes to, you know, slam people at gay dance clubs,” Lauren Chen comments.

The Doctor is also wearing a skirt in the opening scene.

“He and the costume director made it very clear that for some reason they wanted the Doctor’s costume to be gender-neutral in this series,” Chen says.

There’s no doubt that the gayization of the series is a big reason for the negative feedback, but the show itself isn’t written well enough to make up for it.

“This shows that attempts to provide fanciful but scientific-looking premises for these outrageous events have “epitomized failure,” Chen explains.

The show predictably has an impressive 97% critic rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but only a 36% audience rating.

“Because of course it’s new, and it’s gay, and it’s black. That’s going to be great,” said Chen, who added that one of the show’s main villains is also a former drag queen who appeared on “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” I mentioned that.

“I understand that Russell T. Davies wants to be inclusive and affirming of LGBT people, but I think we’ve actually reached a point where he’s a sexual minority. Who exists only as a platform for him to expose his audience to diverse elements,” she added.

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