Man Burned While Shielding Fiancee During NYC Subway Attack

A man has been accused of throwing flaming liquid at another man on the New York City subway as residents endure a rise in assaults on trains.

Petrit Alijaj, a 23-year-old Albanian man who sustained burns, New York Post He jumped in front of his fiancée to protect her from the liquid. report Saturday.

“I’m protecting my fiancé with my body,” he explained.

Alijaji spoke to the media as he lay in a hospital bed after suffering burns over 30 percent of his body during the attack. show The victim, wrapped in bandages all over his body, and the suspect in the crime being taken away by the police.

Alijaji explained that she was on the Line 1 with her fiancée and cousin during a field trip to the Statue of Liberty, but as the train arrived at Varick Street station, a 49-year-old man boarded the train, holding a cup.

The cup, identified by the suspect as Niall Taylor, contained liquid, and Alijaji said the suspect started a fire and threw it at the three.

Alijaji moved quickly to cover those around him, but his shirt caught fire and he frantically tried to put out the fire as he exited the train, eventually succeeding in removing his shirt as he also exited the train.

However, “Taylor was arrested shortly after the attack after police tracked a mobile phone he picked up from the platform during his escape, police and sources said,” police said. post The article added that this was the second time in the past four months that burning liquid had been thrown at subway passengers.

Violent crime assaults on the city’s subways increased 53% last year compared to 2019, according to a March report.

Meanwhile, police arrested a man in March after he allegedly pushed his girlfriend onto New York City subway tracks, causing the victim to lose both of her legs, according to Breitbart News.