Michelle Troconis found guilty of conspiring to murder Jennifer Dulos

Venezuelan socialite Michel Troconis has been found guilty of aiding and abetting the murder of his estranged wife and mother of five, Connecticut mother of five Jennifer Duro, in a cover-up for her late boyfriend.

Troconis, 50, was found guilty Friday morning on all charges for his role in the May 2019 death of Jennifer Dulos, the ex-wife of his then-girlfriend Fotis Dulos. NBC Connecticut reported.

A six-member jury began deliberating Tuesday afternoon in Stamford, Conn., on charges including conspiracy to commit murder, tampering with evidence and hindering prosecution. Troconis had pleaded not guilty to the charges.

During the 27-day trial, prosecutors and defense attorneys spent weeks presenting two separate accounts of what happened the day Jennifer Dulos disappeared and was killed.

Troconis was seen bowing his head as the verdict was read. law and crime
Michelle Troconis is in court over her role in the May 2019 death of Jennifer Dulos, the ex-wife of her then-boyfriend Fotis Dulos. Richard Harvath of

During the trial, prosecutors detailed how Fotis Dulos, a luxury home builder from Greece, attacked his wife in their New Canaan home and fled with her body.

According to prosecutors, the couple was often at odds over who would get custody of their five children in the event of a divorce.

Mr. Troconis has pleaded not guilty. AP

Prosecutors said Troconis, the father’s live-in girlfriend, was angry and fed up with the divorce proceedings and knew about his father’s plan to kill his ex-wife and helped cover it up.

“Jennifer is dead, and Mr. Fotis and Michelle Troconis intended for her to be that way,” Assistant State Attorney Michelle Manning said. “They agreed to work together to make it happen, and unfortunately they succeeded in making it happen. But they got caught. This trial is very easy. It’s a conspiracy. and about concealment.”

Throughout the trial, jurors were presented with a bloody bra and about 30 other bloodstained items that investigators say Fotis Dulos threw in a trash can in Hartford, Conn., after the murder. It is said that

Authorities presented a blood-stained bra and other evidence during the 27-day trial. hearst connecticut media

Jurors were also shown surveillance footage of Troconis and Fotis-Duro disposing of evidence on the day of Jennifer Duro’s disappearance.

The Dulos’ nanny, Lauren Almeida, also argued in court that the parents initially “were kind to each other,” but that their relationship soured in March 2017 when Jennifer Dulos learned of her affair with her husband, Troconis. did.

Police also testified that they found what appeared to be blood on a black Range Rover that was found in the victim’s garage.

Fotis Dulos died by suicide shortly after being charged in the death of his ex-wife.

Troconis, on the other hand, maintains her innocence, saying she doesn’t know what happened to Jennifer Dulos and that she didn’t know her boyfriend had done anything wrong, even though she saw him throw away the black trash bag containing the evidence. He claimed that there was not.

Her lawyers called the prosecution’s case speculative and said their claims are not proven beyond a reasonable doubt and do not prove that Fotis Dulos killed Jennifer Dulos. .

“She had no idea that Fotis Dulos was trying to harm her,” Troconis’ attorney, John Schoenhorn, told jurors. “The state has made unfounded and unfair assumptions that Michelle Troconis was in a romantic relationship with Fotis and that she needed to know what was going on, and that she was involved in some way.” I suspect that he may have been involved in this heinous murder plan.

“But that’s not reality,” he added. “This is more like a cable TV movie, a scripted movie. It’s not based on the facts you heard during this trial.”

Fortis Dulos denied killing Jennifer Dulos in his suicide note. AP

Troconis did not testify during the nearly month-long trial.

Jennifer Dulos belonged to a wealthy New York family, her father, the late Hilliard Farber, founded a securities firm, and her aunt was Liz Claiborne. Her body has never been found.

However, the coroner examined blood and other evidence splattered in her garage and said she could not have survived the attack. A judge officially declared Jennifer Dulos dead in October 2023.

Fotis Dulos died at a Bronx hospital on Jan. 30, days after he attempted suicide while out on $6 million bail and the day before he was scheduled to appear at another bail hearing.

Surveillance footage was also shown during the trial showing Fortis Dulos throwing away evidence. Richard Harvath of

Police said the man waited for Jennifer Dulos to return home after dropping his children off at school, then attacked her in the garage before cleaning up the scene and driving off with the body.

He denied the charges and claimed in a suicide note left at his Farmington home that he did not kill Jennifer Dulos.

The couple’s five children, now ages 13 to 17, have lived together ever since Jennifer Dulos’ mother disappeared.

Troconis is also accused of leaving sealed documents on his laptop for people to see during the trial, and is scheduled to be heard in contempt of court on March 5.

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