Pennsylvania woman gets 4 to 8 years for shooting county prosecutor

A Pennsylvania woman was sentenced Monday to several years in prison after pleading guilty to fatally shooting a county prosecutor after a confrontation over property transfer.

Police Diamond Mincey pleaded guilty to aggravated assault for fatally shooting Cameron County District Attorney Paul J. Malisia in the leg at Malisia Law Offices last June.

A 32-year-old Brookville woman was sentenced to four to eight years in prison. Malizia was discharged from the hospital the same day she was shot.

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Attorney General Michelle Henry, who prosecuted Mincey, called it a “brazen act of violence” and noted that Malizia continued to hold office after the attack.

Mr. Henry’s office said in a statement that Mr. Mincey showed up unannounced at Mr. Malizia’s office in rural Emporium, about 130 miles east of Erie, to make some kind of request regarding the transfer of property, but the matter was not directed to Henry. He said he treated him as a personal attorney, not as a lawyer. District attorney.

Mincey “became belligerent” and shot Henry in the leg before driving away, Henry’s office said. Mincey was arrested shortly thereafter.

Her attorney, Lonnie Fish, said Monday that other charges against her have been dismissed.

“She showed up at the office and wasn’t satisfied with the secretary’s answer,” Fish said. “So she ransacked one of the other offices, and then he approached her in her waiting room and punched her. To be honest, I think he probably had a right to do that. She was trespassing. He was a person.”

A Pennsylvania woman has pleaded guilty to shooting and killing a county prosecutor. (Fox News)

Fish said Mincey did not have a permit to carry a concealed weapon, so “he will probably be convicted regardless.”

He described Mincy as a mother of young children who had never been in trouble before: She had moved to the area from New York and was homeschooling her children.

Malizia said in a phone interview Monday that Mincey confronted the clerk, threw paperwork to the ground and then punched her so hard she broke her nose. He swung at her but missed, she said.

Fish produced a cell phone video of Mincey that he claims shows Malizia actually punched Mincey.

Malizia, who is 70 and in his fourth term in office, said he grabbed Mincey around the waist and tried to drag her down the stairs and out of his office.

“She stopped for a second, turned her head and bit my thigh, my left thigh,” he said. The bite wasn’t strong enough to break through my jeans, but it was strong enough to hurt.

She then pulled a .25-caliber automatic pistol from her fanny pack and shot him in the other leg, Malizia said. The barrel of the gun struck him in the leg, and the bullet passed through the outside of his leg, ricocheted off the wall, and landed about 35 feet into the hallway.

Malizia was treated at the hospital and discharged that same night, and did not miss work as a result.

Mincey was upset about which name was on the deed when ownership was transferred, Malizia said.


“I wish her all the best,” Malizia said. “I really mean it from the heart.”