Sounding off on latest ridiculousness plaguing sports

My life is an open notebook:

An unusual sight last Friday. Stuck with a starting pitcher, the Brewers brought in Robert Gasser, but he was injured and only pitched four innings in the game — all in the minors.

Well, he pitched six innings, allowed two hits, struck out four and walked no batters. All he did was throw a variety of pitches to different areas of the strike zone. At 24 years old, small by modern standards and a left-hander with no real brilliance, he was someone who would be easy to overlook or ignore today.

Robert Gasser didn’t pitch beyond the fifth inning after pitching six innings last time. Getty Images

He threw with ease and ease, as if he were Whitey Ford. He shut down cards until they were removed.

Gasser won his next start, allowing one run. This time, however, he was not allowed to pitch beyond the fifth inning, which likely earned him the right to be relegated to the analysis pile.

Now, Gasser can do it in a new way. He pitched as hard as he could four or five times, then was substituted and waited for the results of the MRI.

It doesn’t matter, but Whitey Ford threw 156 complete games.

The bastardization of America continues: U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris casually uttered the “F-word” in public this week, prompting many readers to suggest that WFAN and the entire sports world cut out the vulgar hosts on broadcast media. has some leeway.

Ron Darling still speaks to a feeling that is old-fashioned but still applies to the here and now.

On Wednesday, during the Mets vs. Phils game on SNY, the Mets scored on a wild pitch in the dirt. Darling also said that with a runner on third base, Phils catcher JT Realmuto tried to “pick the ball up with his glove” instead of “blocking with his body” and trying to keep the pitch in front of him. It pointed out.

Ron Darling still talks sense on SNY broadcasts. AP

No matter the sport, ESPN destroys it with excess.

In the first round of the NCAA Lacrosse Tournament on ESPNU on Saturday, heavily underdog Albany led Notre Dame 5-4 until ND scored at the first half buzzer to tie the score. But does it count? Was it scored before the clock struck 00:00?

ESPN replayed the shot with the telltale game clock superimposed on the screen, but that clock was completely obscured by ESPN’s redundant and indiscriminate scrolling of other sports’ results and ESPN/ABC promotions. Ta.

ESPN failed to cover the Albany-Notre Dame lacrosse game. Reuters

I was eventually told that ESPN didn’t allow me to watch it. He was 1 second too late for ND’s score. However, the Bundesliga match between Freiburg and Heidenheim ended in a 1-1 result for the 20th time.

We are still supposed to support replay reviews on the grounds that “they got it right,” but they are still nothing more than second opinions and are often nothing more than speculation far removed from the field. Too many.

The second period of Tuesday’s game between the Bruins and Panthers was unplugged to consider whether the goal would be called back. All of ESPN’s broadcast monitors, including former NHL referee Dave Jackson, said the game was inadmissible because the goalie illegally swung his stick from his grip.

Finally, the decision on the ice: Good goal.

Ah, understood. I don’t care.

Tuesday’s Pacers vs. Knicks was like a replay film festival. The replay stopped five times in the first half alone!

Follow the sucker’s money: Reader Stephen Epstein points out that the Mets currently have six uniforms, but only five pennants.

Spike Lee, 67, is an attention-hungry, scene-stealing, transparent, courtside-jumping bastard in the Knicks’ self-proclaimed, intrusive fairy costume; He’s preaching what the problem is. The rest of us remain court warts.

Spike Lee celebrates victory in Game 5 between the Knicks and the Pacers on May 14, 2024. Charles Wenzelberg/New York Post

But the media tells us we all love Spike. Therefore, it must be true.

Of course, if you and I had acted like he did, we would have been kicked out long ago and put in Jimmy Dolan’s facial recognition garden zapper.

My opinion of ESPN NBA First Team Doris Burke may need to be revised. Throughout the Pacers-Knicks game, she was very perceptive, noting no-call violations, especially her flagrant step on Tyrese Haliburton. (This does not mean that stepping or flagrant palming/carrying the ball is no longer prohibited.)

With the team “downhill”, she was still often redundant due to statistics and statistics. But most of what she said was worth listening to, even if ESPN’s courtside audio quality control made her voice difficult to hear.

Doris Burke was featured on ESPN’s NBA broadcasts throughout the playoffs. USA Today Sports

sufficient! Tiger Woods’ pandering continues beyond reason and promotional logic, even in the most foolish acts that attack golf fans.

The PGA sent out two high-consumption media releases this week promoting the PGA Championship. Both pages had a photo of him on the first page. One is Woods swinging, and the other is Woods lining up putts. Woods is listed at 125-1.

On Thursday, Xander Schauffele took the lead with a whopping 9 under par, but the CBS phone app reported that Woods was only 1 over, leaving him just 10 under.

Tiger Woods watches the PGA Championship on May 16, 2024. Getty Images

While the media continues to portray Woods as the greatest human being who ever made it possible for us to breathe the same air, the PGA recently announced that Woods has been forced into law enforcement as a reward for not fleeing after the Saudi government’s money. The PGA of America has decided not to use a photo of Woods, who was unconscious after taking opioids, from his drunk driving arrest.

Rob Manfred and the Yankees sought to minimize viewership by placing Wednesday’s Yankees vs. Twins behind a streaming paywall in exchange for short-end dough. Keep teaching your fans how to live without it!

Roger Goodell’s NFL returns this season with even more paid, paywalled streaming exclusive content.

If it’s truly about diversity and not an unfair play aimed at exploiting (if not destroying) girls’ and women’s sports, as President Joe Biden has declared, then why not? Are women who have transitioned into men not excelling in men’s sports?

It’ll be great to see the historic Celtics wear their traditional all-black uniforms on Wednesday in a playoff game on TNT! But the NBA is just one of several U.S. sports leagues taking orders from Nike, which is affiliated with autocratic communist China.

The Celtics wore black uniforms during their Game 5 win over the Cavaliers on May 15, 2024. Getty Images

Perhaps LeBron James, a selective, knee-jerk, horribly hypocritical social activist and Nike scumbag, will lead the Chinese Communist Party’s forces in a hostile takeover of democratic Taiwan. .

The Sky Has Fallen: ESPN’s PGA Championship pregame show yesterday was specifically dedicated to player gambling through ESPN BET.

The previously stacked strike zone box seen on Jesus during Tuesday’s game between the Yanks and Twins was from the belt line to the knee, which is short of MLB’s knee-high strike zone. But they are rarely seen as correct on network television broadcasts.

If you want a proper basketball story, you’ll have to wait your turn for Kenny Smith, as TNT’s NBA studio show continues to be filled with cliches, childish invective, and satire from Charles Barkley and Shaq O’Neal.

Draymond Green was a staple on TNT’s studio programming throughout the NBA playoffs. AP

On the other hand, are there any TNT or TBS executives who can answer this question?

Why was villainous villain Draymond Green added to the show during the playoffs? Was it because of his basketball skills? What are his communication skills? Is it because he is known for putting forward some of the best players in the NBA?

Or is it because he is a malicious criminal?

Pete Alonso fell asleep Wednesday. He grounded out to first and then threw to second to start his double play, but there were already two outs. Pete might scream, “Oh my god!”