60-Year-Old Woman Wins ‘Best Face’ at Miss Argentina Beauty Pageant

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AP) — A 60-year-old woman watched her dream of becoming the oldest Miss Universe contestant ever disappear in a haze of sequins and selfies at Argentina’s annual beauty pageant on Saturday. Alejandra Marisa Rodriguez, a legal adviser to the hospital whose participation was hailed as an antidote to ageism in a youth-obsessed […]

60-year-old orca kills great white shark in incredibly rare footage

Shocking footage captures the moment a 60-year-old grandmother orca attacks and kills a great white shark. The incredibly rare and deadly encounter, filmed as part of National Geographic’s limited series Queens, showed an orca named Sophia charging and devouring a shark. “Orcas are very intelligent animals” Dr. Chris Lowe told ABC News. “They’re very powerful, […]

Ohio prosecutors demanding vape-puffing teen be charged as adult for beating 60-year-old

Prosecutors in Ohio are requesting that a Cincinnati teenager be charged as an adult after punching a 60-year-old female teacher unconscious last month. This week, police released disturbing new body camera footage of the incident. After being assaulted, the 15-year-old assailant repeatedly punched the special education teacher in the head, authorities said. Smoking e-cigarettes in […]

Colorado 13-Year-Old Boy Accused in Fatal Shooting of 60-Year-Old Man on Bus

The outlet continued: According to police, investigators believe the incident began with an argument between the suspect and Sanchez over Sanchez’s foot blocking an aisle, and ended with the suspect shooting Sanchez. The suspect was taken into custody Thursday night on suspicion of first-degree murder. The Denver District Attorney’s Office will make the final decision […]

Three Illegal Aliens Charged with Robbing 60-Year-Old Woman of $20K

Three illegal aliens from Colombia are accused of defrauding a 60-year-old woman of more than $20,000 in DuPage County, an Illinois sanctuary state. Undocumented immigrants Miguel Pena-Gomez, 43, Liliana Nagles-Cuesta, 49, and Angela Posada-Acosta, 45, all from Colombia, each received more than $5,000. He was charged with felony theft for defrauding. People over 60 years […]

Man strikes 60-year-old woman more than 50 times at Harlem subway station

A disturbing video shows a man hitting a 60-year-old woman more than 50 times with his cane at a Harlem subway station. A New York City Police Department official told the Post that the attack occurred shortly before 3:30 a.m. Friday as the woman was walking along the West 116th Street and Lenox Avenue station. […]