News Crew Accidentally Records Hit-And-Run During Interview About Earlier Shooting

A Milwaukee news crew happened to catch a hit-and-run accident on camera while covering a local shooting incident. On Sunday, TMJ4 reporters were covering a shooting in Milwaukee, Wisconsin that left two 15-year-old boys dead the night before. according to outlet. During the recorded interview, which took place around 7 p.m., the driver reportedly lost […]

Blaze News investigates: Cybersecurity expert says he accidentally discovered ‘disturbing’ data transfers from TikTok: ‘The app should be banned’

TikTok influencers are furious at U.S. politicians for passing legislation against their favorite social media platform, but one cybersecurity expert says “alarming” events with TikTok are the impetus for supporting the bill. He said it had become. The law passed Congress in April and was signed by President Joe Biden. This would force TikTok’s parent […]

KJP accidentally says the ‘quiet part out loud’ when asked easy question about Trump’s trial: ‘At least they’re being honest’

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre raised eyebrows Tuesday with her puzzling response to Donald Trump’s hush money trial. On Tuesday, House Speaker Mike Johnson talked outside The Manhattan courthouse where Trump’s trial is being held to show support for former President Trump. Johnson called the trial a “sham” and a “travesty of justice,” declared […]

Antifa accidentally beats up fellow campus occupier during confusing incident

Seattle, Washington. — In a not-so-friendly blaze, some members of the radical far-left group Antifa began beating and harassing fellow University of Washington campus occupiers during a pro-Israel march on Sunday. It all started when one of the Antifa hooligans stole the Star-Spangled Banner from Ari Hoffman, a Seattle radio show host and outspoken Jewish […]

Details emerge about NYPD cop who accidentally fired during Columbia anti-Israel raid

The NYPD sergeant who accidentally fired his gun during an operation to remove anti-Israel protesters from Columbia University on Tuesday night switched his weapon from one hand to the other as he tried to unlock his office door. Officials announced that the slug was accidentally sent flying. The “seasoned” officer, who served as a sergeant […]

Couple Accidentally Ships Pet Cat To California In An Amazon Return Package

A Utah couple tried to return an Amazon package when they accidentally sent their cat to California in a huge mix-up, KSLTV reported. Carrie Clark said her family’s cat, Galina, mysteriously disappeared on April 10th. according to KSLTV. “Galina has been a huge support to me and has helped me overcome many health challenges over […]

PepsiCo Recalls Mug Root Beer After Accidentally Mislabeling Cans

PepsiCo has recalled yet another soda over mislabeling a week after having to recall a different drink, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) announced Wednesday. The brand is recalling just over 2,800 cases of their Mug Root Beer after it was reported that the cans contain the zero sugar version of the drink, according […]