‘Queer Planet’ Inadvertently Delivers Epic Rebuttal To Gay Agenda

It’s “Pride Month,” as the reader is no doubt aware. Now a fixture of mainstream American life, it’s all but impossible to avoid the corporate-sponsored, state-sanctioned festivities that take place throughout the month of June. But with this commercialization, the original subversive intent of “Pride” has been lost in the sea of pop culture. The […]

Johnson, Trump, GOP plot ambitious agenda hinged on total control of government

House Speaker Mike Johnson, R-Louisiana, met with Senate Republicans on Wednesday to begin formulating an ambitious agenda for Washington if former President Trump is re-elected and Republicans regain control of the Senate and maintain their majority in the House. Republicans in Congress are increasingly confident about the prospects of the November election given President Biden’s […]

Criminals Are Throwing A Wrench Into Biden’s EV Agenda. Here’s How

Criminals are increasingly stealing cables from electric vehicle (EV) charging stations around the country, according to The Associated Press. In a growing trend, thieves are targeting EV chargers to cut off their cables and take the valuable copper contained inside the wiring, often rendering the vandalized chargers useless until repairs can be made, according to […]

Farmer Movements the Vanguard Against ‘Degrowth’ Green Agenda

The French member of the European Parliament said the peasant movement was at the forefront of the attack on the “degrowth” policies of far-left neoliberal elites, who have impoverished Europeans under the guise of environmental policies. Ahead of this week’s European elections, Patricia Chagnon, a member of the European Parliament for France’s populist National Rally […]

ACLU Unveils Plans To Obstruct Trump’s Immigration Agenda

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) on Thursday announced an outline of its plans to oppose former President Donald Trump’s immigration agenda if he’s elected in November. The ACLU plans to use a combination of legal challenges, lobbying and coordination with liberal officials to obstruct Trump’s plans to reduce illegal immigration, which they characterize as […]

Unforced Biden Error Could Be A Huge Win For MAGA Agenda

The Biden administration just blew through a potentially critical deadline to “Trump-proof” the U.S. government by November. These petty technocrats are trying to hobble Donald Trump in every way they can, but as it turns out, they’re just too incompetent. Source link

Security, Green Deal and digital agenda concerning Danish voters, says Social Democrat – Europe live | Europe

Important Events Show only important events Please enable JavaScript to use this feature According to opinion polls, the Danish Social Democrats, who sit alongside the Social Democrats in the European Parliament, are currently the most popular party in Denmark. Asked about speculation that the centre-right of the European Parliament might expand cooperation with far-right parties, […]