FCC names its first-ever AI scammer in threat alert

The Federal Communications Commission has officially named the first artificially intelligent robocall scammer, but is it too late? After all, Royal Tiger has already gotten away with numerous fraudulent activities that affected millions of Americans. Let’s talk about what these headlines mean for AI scammers in general, what you should look out for going forward, […]

Alert: Men, They’re Coming For Your Balls

Castration — it’s literally the future liberals want. According to one “leading researcher,” the secret to male longevity can be found by just chopping off their balls. Men and other mammals live longer if they are castrated, says researcher — Guardian news (@guardiannews) May 31, 2024 If there’s one thing Americans know, it’s that […]

NYPD on high alert ahead of Israel Day Parade Sunday

New York City police are on high alert ahead of Sunday’s annual Israel Day parade, which is being held nearly eight months after Hamas attacks on southern Israel sparked the war in Gaza. New York City Mayor Eric Adams and NYPD officials held a press conference Friday to discuss security preparations for the parade. This […]

SPOILER ALERT! Marc Victor, Libertarian Spoiler for the 2022 Arizona U.S. Senate Race

The first thing we would like to make clear is we have great sympathy, even affection, for many libertarian ideas. That is more than just a gratuitous statement. Readers know that over the past few years we have published many articles from libertarian-oriented think tanks and publications. Theoretical ideas and the governing mechanics of politics, are […]

‘Freakout’ Alert: Biden Has Lost His Last Big Fundraising Advantage Over Trump

Fundraising numbers show that Joe Biden’s last big advantage in the presidential race has completely fallen apart. With everything squarely aligned against him, Democrats are starting to panic. They now find themselves in the position they have long foretold of their opponents: the walls are, in fact, closing in. Source link

CDC, WebMD give update on current bird flu outbreak: ‘Be alert, not alarmed’

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Officials Issue ‘Severe’ Geomagnetic Solar Storm Watch Alert

Officials say a powerful solar storm will hit Earth on Friday, and its arrival could cause problems for infrastructure. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) issued Around five ‘Earth-directed coronal mass ejections’ (CMEs) observed and expected to reach Earth, alert for severe (G4) geomagnetic solar storm on Thursday, Insider reports report. ‘Serious’ geomagnetic solar storm […]