NYC development stuck in legal limbo is finally greenlit in blow to Engoron

Plans for an ambitious mixed-use development in the current building Parking lot in the port area finally opensThis comes after the state appellate court declined to review a lower appellate court decision that had previously approved it. The victory for Howard Hughes Holdings, which has been building since purchasing the land at 250 Water Street […]

Trump lawyer lands blow against Michael Cohen on stealing from Trump Organization

NEW YORK — Former President Trump’s chief defense attorney delivered another punch to Michael Cohen on Monday, accusing the Trump Organization of ex-fixer allegedly receiving repayments for hush money that was at the center of Trump’s criminal case. He was made to admit that he had committed the theft. “Did you steal from the Trump […]

Mercedes-Benz workers in Alabama vote against union in major blow to UAW

Check out what’s being clicked on American workers at a Mercedes-Benz factory in alabama On Friday, the United Auto Workers rejected the union in a landslide defeat in a vote that had been expected to push the union deeper into the American South based on its victory at the Volkswagen plant in Tennessee. It […]

NBA execs blow up Brian Windhorst’s phone over LeBron James being in Cleveland

NBA fans weren’t the only ones excited that Lakers star LeBron James attended the Cavaliers’ Game 4 playoff game against the Celtics in Cleveland on Monday night. ESPN’s Brian Windhorst reported that NBA executives blew up James’ cell phone after he appeared courtside and hilariously wondered why the Jazz traded Royce O’Neal two years ago. […]

State Universities Are Teaching Students To Blow Up Oil Pipelines, Records Show

‘How to Blow Up A Pipeline’ author wants to send message to ‘capitalists’ that ‘their properties will be trashed’ At least sixteen universities are promoting the book “How to Blow Up A Pipeline,” which outlines for readers how to commit eco-terrorism — oftentimes making it required reading, a Daily Wire investigation found. The book was […]

Democrats blow up at Biden for halting weapons shipments to Israel

President Biden has come under fire from Republicans as well as Democrats over his pledge to deny arms shipments to Israel if it invades Rafah in the Gaza Strip. “I think it’s pandering to the far left,” said Congressman Ritchie Torres of New York. told Axios. “Election year politics seems to have driven it. That’s […]

Judge Deals Blow To Blue State Effort To Put Abortion Amendment On Ballot

A New York judge ruled Tuesday that a proposed abortion amendment could not appear on the ballot this November, according to The Associated Press. The New York Legislature passed the Equal Protection of Law Amendment in 2023, which prohibits discrimination based on “pregnancy outcomes” or “gender expression,” according to the AP. State Supreme Court Justice […]