Taco Bell manager saves baby who stopped breathing outside restaurant

Heart-stopping footage shows the moment a Pennsylvania Taco Bell manager took action and saved the life of an 11-month-old baby who suddenly stopped breathing in the restaurant’s parking lot. Natasha Long, a mother of two, screamed when Taco Bell manager Becky Arbaugh stopped by the fast food chain on Saturday and found her baby, Miles, […]

Kaylee Gain ‘Breathing On Her Own’ After Grave Head Injury During Fight

Kaylee Gein, the Missouri teen whose head was hit on the sidewalk by another girl during a fight, is now stable and breathing on her own, according to her family. Earlier this month, shocking cellphone footage of an altercation took social media by storm, showing a large brawl involving several teenagers near Hazelwood East High […]

Kaylee Gain breathing on her own after vicious beating by classmate: family

Missouri teen Kaylee Gein died on her own two weeks after she was left in a coma after being brutally hit in the head with the pavement multiple times during a disturbing fight with another girl that was caught on video. I’m breathing. Gane, 16, is in “stable” condition and has been released from the […]

Humans Contributing to Global Warming by Breathing

A British study has found that humans may be contributing to global warming through the simple and necessary act of breathing. Scientists at the Center for Ecology and Hydrology in Edinburgh Said Methane and nitrous oxide in the air we breathe account for 0.1% of the country's greenhouse gas emissions. Scientists have found that when […]