When White House communicators clash: Karine Jean-Pierre and John Kirby are the latest in a tradition of tensions

A great deal has been written this year about the tensions between White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre and White House national security communications adviser John Kirby. Their uneasy relationship reflects a host of internal and external expressions of doubt about Jean-Pierre’s lackluster performance, internal disagreements about whether to support Israel, and legitimate confusion about […]

NYC protesters clash, spit at each other outside Parsons Benefit in Manhattan

Anti-Israel and pro-Israel demonstrators shoved and spat at each other outside a Parsons Benefit celebration in lower Manhattan on Tuesday. Gorgeous guests avoided the madness by tiptoeing into the university’s annual event. Shortly after an anti-Israel crowd set up a picket line demanding the Parsons School of Art to divest from Israel-supporting businesses, protesters faced […]

Bill Maher, Gutfeld clash over Trump on Fox News: ‘We agree on some things’ but not ‘the most important thing’

“Gutfeld!” host Greg Gutfeld and “Real Time” host Bill Maher weighed in on Trump, especially over whether to concede in the next election if the prospective Republican nominee loses. They had a combative exchange about the president. Maher agreed with Gutfeld’s opening monologue assertions Monday about the importance of conversations with people across the aisle, […]

Trump trial: Merchan and defense witness clash amid judge’s question limitations

NEW YORK — Judge Juan Merchan became irate at a witness Donald Trump‘s defense team brought in to testify in the former president’s hush money trial on Monday, claiming the witness was reacting inappropriately to the judge’s decisions. Merchan pointed out that Robert Costello said “geez” in response to one of the judge’s rulings and […]