Bipartisan senate bill compromises the southern border : Letters

At issue: “compromise” Senate bill on borders and funding for Ukraine and Israel. Don’t be fooled by the Senate’s so-called “immigration” bill (“Fake Border ‘Compromise’” February 6).This bill will continue to allow thousands of immigrants to enter our country. Title 8, United States Code, Section 8. 1182(f), which states: . . That would hurt U.S. […]

Reported Data Breach Of NYC Schools Compromises Sensitive Information Of 45,000 Students

A major data breach occurred inside a New York City school, putting sensitive information of about 45,000 students, school staff and service providers at risk, according to local officials. The city’s Department of Education announced Friday that sensitive data including social security numbers, dates of birth, student OSIS numbers and employee IDs had been leaked. […]