ConocoPhillips Buys Marathon Oil For $17.1B As Energy Prices Rise

A view of a Marathon gas station in Baltimore, Maryland, on May 29, 2024. US energy giant ConocoPhillips announced on May 29 that it would acquire fellow oil company Marathon Oil in an all-stock deal for $22.5 billion, with $5.4 billion in debt, a major expansion despite pressure to move away from fossil fuels. (Photo: […]

Biden policies putting America’s energy future ‘under threat,’ House GOP report claims

Fox’s first appearance: A report from the House Oversight and Accountability Committee says America’s energy future is “under threat” by Biden administration policies that will “stymie the growth of domestic energy production” and create additional costs for Americans. . The report, titled “The Biden Administration’s Green New Deal: Paying More for a Dim Future,” aims […]

DAVID BLACKMON: Two New Studies Shed Light On Biden’s Green Energy Money Pit

A study released last week by big energy consultancy Wood Mackenzie says a Republican (i.e., Trump) win in November’s elections could “decelerate [the] energy transition,” and result in a reduction of “energy investment” of $1 trillion. Anticipating a possible Trump victory, Wood MacKenzie’s study includes what it calls a “delayed transition” scenario, in addition to a “base […]

Law Firms Stand To Make Killing From Blue Cities’ Climate Lawsuits Against Energy Giants

A Daily Caller News Foundation investigation into legal contracts has found that law firms could reap huge profits from climate change lawsuits filed in dozens of Democratic-leaning jurisdictions across the country. . Several state and local prosecutors across the country have entered into agreements with private law firms to assist with cases against large energy […]

Debunking Another Misleading Green Energy Study

A popular talking point among green energy evangelists is that gas, oil, and coal are, in large part, successful because they are highly subsidized. Wind and solar, so the argument goes, would win in a fair fight, but, alas, the playing field is far from fair. But the supposed data they are drawing on to […]