Self-proclaimed ‘personal trainer with a fat body’ actually says it’s ‘fatphobic’ to intentionally lose weight

In a TikTok video, the self-proclaimed ‘fat body personal trainer’ declares intentionally losing weight is ‘fatphobia’. teeth? TikTok’s Libs Grabs and Posts Videos From Wednesday to Twitter — apparently the clip TikTok user’s pageentitled “Health with Ashantis”. She calls herself — among her other titles instagram page — “Weight Neutral Personal Trainer”. Her declaration was, […]

New Mario Kart ride called ‘blatantly fatphobic’ over seat waist size restriction

Rides can only accommodate individuals with waistlines under 40 inches, slightly smaller than the average waistline for American men. Critics complained about ride bias and discrimination on social media. “I’m still mad about the 40-inch waistline requirement to ride Mario Kart. It’s just blatantly fatophobic and nothing that can’t accommodate larger humans. 40 inches is […]