Russia Jails Barman For 25 Years Over Joining Pro-Ukraine Fighting Unit

Last month, Russia sentenced a man to 10 years in prison for planning fighting on the Ukrainian side. (Representative) Moscow: Russia on Thursday sentenced a bartender to 25 years in prison for joining Russian military units fighting for Ukraine and sabotaging railway equipment. Since Russia launched a “special military operation” in Ukraine in 2022, numerous […]

DOJ targets pro-life activists with new lawsuit, but two GOP lawmakers are fighting back: ‘Biden’s two-tiered justice system’

The Justice Department is using the controversial law to target more pro-life activists. On Monday, the Department of Justice announced a lawsuit Two pro-life organizations, Citizens for a Pro-Life Society and Red Rose Rescue, and Laura Giese, Lauren Handy, Clara McDonald, Monica Miller, Christopher Moshinski, Jay Smith, and Audrey. – Seven pro-life activists named Whipple […]

70 years after Brown, we’re fighting the same battles over again

For a northerner like me, living in Washington, DC has been eye-opening in many ways.One of them lives directly across the river from Virginia, which until recently A surprising number of Confederate artifacts have recently been unveiled. Even in Blue Northern Virginia, you couldn’t turn a corner without hitting a building or road named after […]

Exclusive – Attorney General of Nebraska Fighting California EV Mandates

Seventeen states, led by Nebraska Attorney General Mike Hilgers, are filing a lawsuit in response to California’s new EV mandate. Hilgers explained: Breitbart News Daily Host Mike Slater explains why California’s move is foolish and will impact supply chains. The Nebraska AG explained that the move is regulated by the California Air Resources Board (CARB), […]

Pet lover fighting town to keep goose for emotional support

This town is saying “boo” to the goose, but the owner has no intention of doing so. A troubled pet lover is embroiled in a battle with city officials over a goose he is forbidden to own. She claims that the goose is her emotional support. Angel Quiner bought Blue as a pet about 14 […]

Biden Is Fighting 2009’s Economy in 2024

Biden is still crazy after all these years Joe Biden is not a general, but he suffers from the general’s curse. always fighting the final war. The US economy has taken a hit Persistent shortage of labor demand for about 10 years after the financial crisis. Perhaps the problem began long before China succeeded in […]