Bill Gates says US must be willing to 'outinnovate' foreign competitors in nuclear energy

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates said the United States should strive to “outperform” foreign adversaries in nuclear energy. Gates said: CBS News “Face the Nation” President Trump said Sunday that Americans should care about the need for the U.S. to be a leader in nuclear energy because “we really don’t want all the nuclear reactors in […]

No Evidence Sri Lankans Arrested In India Have ISIS Link: Foreign Minister

The Gujarat Anti-Terrorism Squad had arrested the four last month. Colombo: Foreign Minister Ali Sabri said on Friday there was no evidence to support claims that four Sri Lankans arrested in India last month have links to ISIS. The Gujarat Counter Terrorism Squad claims to have arrested four Sri Lankans with ISIS links at Ahmedabad […]

Republicans, Dems Unite to Import More Foreign Workers for Blue-Collar Jobs

Republicans and Democrats on the House Appropriations Committee are united in their push to allow companies to import as many foreign workers with H-2B visas as possible into the U.S. to fill blue-collar jobs in construction, landscaping and other industries. Companies are already allowed to import 66,000 H-2B foreign visa workers annually to fill blue-collar, […]

EXCLUSIVE: GOP Rep Unveils Bill Slashing Federal Spending Programs In Response To Massive Foreign Aid Packages

Republican Florida Rep. Aaron Bean unveiled a bill Thursday that would take an axe to federal spending programs following a massive foreign aid supplemental that passed in April. The legislation, titled the Cutting Unobligated Tumultuous Spending (CUTS) Act, would slash over $100 billion in federal spending by rescinding unobligated COVID-19 relief and various climate initiatives. […]

House Republican Bill Would Keep Foreign Nationals From Voting In U.S. Federal Elections

Rep. Morgan Griffith, R-Va., introduced legislation earlier this week ensuring that only eligible U.S. citizens are able to vote in federal elections. Titled the “NO VOTE for Non-Citizens Act of 2023,” the proposed bill includes amendments to the 1993 National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) and 2002 Help America Vote Act that seek to clarify states’ […]

17 state AGs sue Biden admin. for allowing foreign farmworkers to unionize

A group of 17 state attorneys general, led by Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach, filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration this week over a rule that gives temporary farm workers in the country on H-2A visas the ability to unionize. Federal law prohibits collective bargaining for American farm workers. “Once again, Joe Biden is […]

Are We Going To Let The Mob Set Foreign Policy?

Mass protests have become popular with the radical Left because they work. They can achieve results unattainable through the political process or the courts by producing chaos and intimidating the cowardly leaders of our universities and government When the antisemitic, pro-Islamist demonstrations broke out on multiple university campuses this spring, most Americans assumed it was […]