Best Buy is most commonly impersonated company by scammers, FTC says

See what’s clicking on The Federal Trade Commission released a report this month outlining the companies scammers most commonly impersonate, the brands they most commonly use in fraudulent transactions, and their top methods. According to the report, Best Buy’s Geek Squad, along with Amazon and PayPal, are among the most widely imitated companies used […]

KOBACH: Liberals Hijack Online Child Safety Bill, Handing Khan-trol To FTC

A bill currently pending in Congress, the Kids Online Safety Act (KOSA), would require social media companies to refrain from advertising age-restricted products, like tobacco and gambling, to minors and to let parents, schools and minors report certain harms. As originally proposed, it was a good bill. Unfortunately, leftist lunatics hijacked the reasonable, commonsense legislation […]

Approximately 800,000 BetterHelp Customers Receive Refund Notices, FTC Says

On January 15, 2014, a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) seal is seen sewn into the carpet of a committee room at FTC headquarters in Washington, DC. (Photo credit: PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP, see Getty Images) OAN’s James Myers8:06am – Friday, May 10, 2024 Approximately 800,000 customers of online treatment platform BetterHelp will begin receiving refund notices […]

FTC Chairwoman Linked to Organization Supporting Columbia Protests

Democratic FTC Chair Lina Khan has ties to the Law and Political Economy (LPE) Project, a Marxist group that supported pro-Palestinian protesters at the Columbia University camp. Mr. Khan currently serves as Chairman and Associate of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Professor The Columbia University Law School Ph.D., who is currently on leave from his […]

House panel requests FTC investigate if TikTok violated child protection act

Leaders of a bipartisan committee focused on China urge the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to investigate whether TikTok violated child protection laws in its efforts to prevent the U.S. from banning the app. I sent a letter to The letter was obtained and first reported by The Hill. NBC Newsto FTC Chair Lina Khan, stating […]

Some Ring customers have refunds coming their way, FTC says

Check out what’s being clicked on Some customers who purchased Ring security cameras may be eligible for a refund from the Federal Trade Commission. The FTC announced this week that refunds totaling more than $5.6 million will be distributed to more than 117,000 people. Money is sent in the form of PayPal payments. The […]

FTC awarding more than $5M in refunds to Ring customers over privacy settlement

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Distribution has started More than $5 million in refunds were issued to Amazon Ring customers on Tuesday, as the company reached a settlement with the tech giant over claims that Ring failed to protect consumer privacy. In a 2023 complaint, the FTC alleged that Ring allowed its employees and contractors to […]

Lobbying World: FTC, White House alum joins anti-monopoly watchdog

elizabeth wilkins participate in America’s Economic Freedom Project As a senior. Mr. Wilkins comes from the Federal Trade Commission, where he served as Chief of Staff to the Chairman and Director of the Office of Policy Planning and previously served as Senior Advisor to President Biden’s Chief of Staff. jessica monaghan I participated cozen o’connor […]

FTC Bans Noncompete Agreements for Employers, Chamber of Commerce Sues to Block It

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has banned nearly all non-compete employment agreements that prohibit workers from leaving for competing companies or starting their own companies. The ban passed by a narrow 3-2 vote on Tuesday after the commission received more than 26,000 public comments, some of which were mentioned by Commissioner Lina Khan. “We have […]

Chamber, business groups sue FTC to block noncompete ban

A business group led by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce sued the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), challenged the decision to prohibit noncompete agreements. The FTC passed a rule blocking new noncompete agreements on a 3-2 vote Tuesday. The rule also requires employers to terminate existing non-compete agreements and notify current and former employees that the […]