Bryce Mitchell says he’ll home-school son to avoid communism

UFC featherweight boxer Bryce Mitchell revealed his newborn son to the world, declaring that he will homeschool his child and not vaccinate him in any way. Mitchell showed off newborn baby Tucker on his Instagram account, telling fans the baby is “very healthy” and “doing great.” After some niceties, the 145-pound fighter explained that he […]

The Home Depot Option: Why we homeschool our nine kids

I recently had a memorable experience walking through Home Depot with my seven children. As we were walking from the screws section to the lumber section, a sales associate asked me, “What are your thoughts on this section? all Are they yours?” “Yes,” I replied. “It’s 100% natural.” We practice these virtues in our home […]

UFC Fighter Bryce Mitchell Plans To Home-School Son To Prevent Him From ‘Turning Gay’

Bryce Mitchell took to Instagram on Wednesday to reveal his plans to homeschool his son to prevent him from being gay. The professional UFC featherweight fighter has sparked controversy with his statements regarding his intentions to homeschool his infant son to prevent him from being gay, among other reasons. In an Instagram video, Mitchell expressed […]

Homeschool Mom Defeats Incumbent State Superintendent In North Carolina’s GOP Primary

On Tuesday, a homeschooling parent defeated the incumbent state superintendent in North Carolina’s Republican primary. North Carolina’s Superintendent of Public Instruction Katherine Truitt lost the Republican primary to Michelle Morrow, a homeschool mother who spoke out against racism and gender politics in schools and criticized Truitt as too liberal. Ta. charlotte observer report. “I’m very […]

I live in a tent with my 5 kids and homeschool them

The rising cost of living is forcing many parents to look for alternatives. raise children. This week, a story went viral about a mother who did just that. However, while she strongly believes that she is doing what is best for her family, she has come under fire from trolls who disagree. “Intergenerational wealth” After […]