Climate Ideology in America’s Classrooms

America’s K-12 classrooms are increasingly becoming indoctrination centers for a one-sided view of climate change, aka, global warming and the supposed existential threat to humankind. The Biden administration, universities, left-of-center think tanks and state governments are developing and spreading climate change curriculum that also contains an explicit activist bent to turn the nation’s children into […]

Republican state lawmakers ramp up fight to keep gender ideology out of sex education

Republican lawmakers in multiple states are pushing new bills aimed at keeping gender ideology out of sex education and emphasizing parental rights to make decisions on the information their child receives. The bills come as Republicans have stepped up efforts to reform public school instruction since the pandemic, during which remote learning allowed parents to […]

University of Wyoming axes DEI department but preserves ideology

The University of Wyoming announced Friday it would eliminate its Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, but the university will move the office’s staff and programming to other departments following legislation signed by the governor. The University of Wyoming Board of Trustees voted unanimously to scrap the department after a budget bill signed into law […]

Former Columnist Exposes Scientific American’s Sudden Descent Into Left-Wing Ideology

Scientific American, a top science magazine that has been around since 1845, has become increasingly captured by the political left, a former columnist told City Journal in a story published Sunday. While the magazine previously pushed for authors to debate accepted perspectives, it has recently moved toward far-left ideology on issues, such as race, gender […]

A divine dream leads a troubled teen to reject trans ideology

She had a dream. In the fall of 2022, Ariela Kraus, a sophomore at Carlisle High School in Iowa, cried out to God before going to bed one night that she was going to kill herself unless God showed her that He was real. She hadn’t prayed in years, but had been going to church […]