Hillary Clinton Claims Trump Will Implement Abortion Ban if Reelected

CLAIM: Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently claimed that if former President Donald Trump is re-elected, “all” women “will live in states where abortion is restricted or prohibited.” Verdict: False. President Trump has made his stance on abortion clear. video Posted on Truth Social on April 8th. President Trump said in his video that […]

Gov. Abbott tells Biden that Texas won’t implement Title IX changes on gender

Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced that the state will not implement changes to Title IX protections promulgated by President Biden’s administration. In a letter sent to the White House on Monday, Abbott criticized the Biden administration for expanding Title IX protections to protect “gender identity.” “Title IX was written by Congress to support the academic […]

SCOTUS Allows Idaho To Implement Ban On ‘Gender-Affirming Care’ For Transgender Youth

People gather in front of the Idaho State Capitol in Boise, Idaho, in 2023. (Darin Oswald/AP File) OAN’s Elizabeth Bolbelding6:13pm – Monday, April 15, 2024 Idaho’s attorney general has asked the Supreme Court to lift a temporary injunction issued by a lower court that blocked the state from banning “gender-affirming care” for youth as a […]

Trump backs Nebraska movement to implement ‘winner-take-all’ electoral system

Former President Trump supports Nebraska’s efforts to change the state’s election system to a “winner-takes-all” system. Nebraska is one of only two states in the United States without a winner-take-all system, the other being Maine. Both states allocate Electoral College votes based on districts, so Democrats could pick up additional delegates from mostly red states. […]

Irish Officials Are Trying to Use Welfare to Implement a Social Credit System

On Thursday’s broadcast of One America News’ “Real America,” the director of research at the Government Accountability Center, Controliarchs: Exposing the billionaire class, their secret deals, and the globalist conspiracy to control your lifesome Irish officials are essentially using the European welfare state to impose Chinese-style social credit scores by threatening to strip government benefits […]

Will COP28 Finally Implement The Loss and Damage Fund?

The COP makes decisions through negotiations leading to an agreement. New Delhi: Will a loss and damage fund become operational at COP28? The onus is on rich countries to put money into the fight against climate change, as it is already too late. All eyes will be on COP 28 on the international community’s progress […]