Left-wing activists spread false claim Trump shared video of Biden supporters in NYC

Left-wing activists in X alleged that former President Donald Trump’s campaign posted a video depicting supporters of President Joe Biden in New York City as Trump supporters. The obvious problem with these claims is that the video was captured of Trump supporters lining the streets of New York City as he returned from his ongoing […]

FEC rejects left-wing group’s complaint alleging GOP lawmaker violated campaign finance law

The Federal Election Commission, the main independent agency overseeing federal campaign finance law, has dismissed a complaint from a left-wing group accusing a Republican lawmaker of illegally transferring funds from his state campaign committee. The FEC, in a decision posted on its website on Friday, said the regulator rejected an April 2023 complaint filed against […]

Left-Wing Activists in Nevada Submit Signatures for Abortion Ballot Measure

Left-wing activists in Nevada filed a petition Monday calling for a ballot measure that would enshrine the right to abortion in the state constitution. The coalition “Nevadaans for Reproductive Freedom” It contains Pro-abortion groups and family planning organizations say they have collected more than 200,000 signatures from registered voters, exceeding the 103,000 required to qualify […]

The Rise of Left-Wing Nonprofit Journalism

Editor’s Note: This is the introduction to a forthcoming CDC special report Nonprofits and Journalism: An Analysis of the Shifting Information Landscape and Potential Growth Opportunities. The decline of traditional metropolitan “objective” media outlets has affected the news landscape dramatically. Those outlets were more liberal and less objective than they pretended, and their business model, which […]

Major Report Uncovers CCP-Linked Influence Behind Left-Wing Anti-Israel Protests in U.S.

The report finds that the major radical left organizations at the center of the current anti-Israel and anti-American protests have received significant amounts of money from networks linked to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), which seeks to promote a “revolutionary and anti-American” movement. It has been made clear that they have received significant funding and […]

Flyers Urging Illegals To Vote For Biden Found In Left-Wing Group’s Office In Mexico

Flyers reportedly posted around a Resource Center Matamoros facility in Mexico encouraged illegal immigrants — who are not eligible to vote in the United States — to vote for President Joe Biden in November, according to The Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project. One of the organizations operating out of the Resource Center Matamoros (RCM) has ties […]