Judge stunned as man with suspended license joins call while driving

His legal defense was that it was a complete car accident. A Michigan judge was surprised when a man arrested for driving with a suspended license appeared before the judge on a courtroom Zoom call while still at the wheel. On May 15, 44-year-old Corey Harris was seen on camera behind the wheel as Washtenaw […]

BATF To Expand Rules On Who Must Have A Federal Firearm License

The Biden Administration, after suffering a string of judicial defeats on gun control, is now attempting to expand the definition of who can have a Federal License to deal in firearms. After repeated judicial defeats on bump stocks, frames, receivers, and braces, the Administration has decided to throw great uncertainty over who must be licensed […]

Key bidder for NYC casino license entangled in Ohtani bet scandal

Last year, the Yankees and Mets both struck out Shohei Ohtani, but “Showtime” is still shocking New York City, the battle over state casino licenses in the Big Apple. A company that backs one of the highest bidders for high-paying gambling licenses is reportedly involved in a federal investigation into a gambling scandal involving Ippei […]

Truck driver cleared in deadly NH motorcycle wreck testifies to get license back

A commercial truck driver who was acquitted of killing seven motorcyclists in New Hampshire testified at a hearing Wednesday in a bid to have his suspended license reinstated, but the state’s attorney said said his lawyer is still involved in the 2019 accident. A jury in 2022 found charges of multiple manslaughter and negligent homicide […]

Wisconsin wedding barns sue state over new liquor license law

Two Wisconsin wedding venues sued the state Tuesday to block a new law that would require them to obtain liquor licenses like other establishments hosting events. Wedding barn owners and operators unsuccessfully tried last year to overturn a law that would overhaul regulations for the state’s multibillion-dollar liquor industry. The change was years in the […]

D.C. appeals court temporarily suspends ex-Trump lawyer’s law license 

The D.C. Court of Appeals temporarily suspended former President Trump’s former lawyer’s license to practice law after the California Bar issued a similar order in late March. Former Trump attorney John Eastman’s license in Washington, D.C., has been suspended pending final disposition in California state court, Chief Judge Anna Blackburn Rigsby of the D.C. Court […]

Semitruck slams into Texas DPS facility after driver denied commercial driving license

A stolen 18-wheeler truck crashed into a Texas Department of Public Safety building on Friday after the driver, who has since been arrested, was denied a commercial driving license.  Multiple severe injuries have been reported, and at least six people have been hospitalized. The driver of the truck was initially hospitalized but has been turned […]