25 Arrested as Mass Street Brawl Breaks Out in Sheffield

Police arrested 25 people on Saturday after a mass brawl broke out in broad daylight on the streets of Sheffield, northern England. South Yorkshire Police Said A violent brawl broke out on Woodbourne Road in Sheffield at around 2pm on Saturday afternoon, with 22 people taken to hospital, 10 of them with serious injuries, it […]

China Ethnically Cleansing Tibetans Through Mass Displacement

Human Rights Watch (HRW) released a report on Tuesday accusing China of forcibly relocating more than 700,000 Tibetans since 2016, herding rural residents into big cities in an effort to “re-educate” the population while erasing Tibetan history and culture. “The Chinese government claims that the relocation of Tibetan villages is voluntary, but official media reports […]

Catholic group Knights of Columbus sues Biden administration for denying permit for Memorial Day mass: ‘Way out of line’

A Catholic service organization has sued the Biden administration for religious discrimination after it was prevented from holding its long-standing Memorial Day Mass at a national cemetery. Lawyers for the Knights of Columbus filed a petition Tuesday with the National Park Service (NPS) in Petersburg, Virginia, for a temporary restraining order after the agency denied […]

Farm owners in California mass shooting to pay workers $450,000 | California

The owners of two Northern California mushroom farms where a disgruntled employee shot and killed seven people last year will pay more than $450,000 in unpaid wages and damages to 62 employees. in announcement Announced Monday after an extensive investigation, the U.S. Department of Labor said the payments are part of an administrative settlement reached […]

Populist Working Class Opposes Neoliberal Mass Immigration

of new york times Mass immigration is a “core tenet of neoliberalism” and is strongly opposed by the domestic working class, which is most affected by the continued influx of millions of foreign workers willing to work for low wages. He admits that he is. In a lengthy piece detailing the rise of a “new […]

I Support Mass Deportation, We Have to Do Something Dramatic to Remove Illegal Immigrants

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) said Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that he supports mass deportations of illegal immigrants because the numbers call for something dramatic. Host Kristen Welker said, “If re-elected, Donald Trump says he is prepared to open immigrant detention centers and deport more than 11 million illegal immigrants, the largest in American […]

Pastors remain silent as Canada perpetrates a mass anti-Christian hate crime

The Canadian government and media conspired to spread a massive anti-Christian hate hoax that resulted in over 80 churches being set on fire. In any other situation, this vicious display of religious persecution would be condemned as a horrifying violation of human rights, but there has been no word from the many charities and watchdog […]

Pope Francis Slams Liturgical Quibbling After Smackdown of Traditional Latin Mass

ROME — Shortly after imposing significant restrictions on the celebration of the traditional Latin Mass, Pope Francis denounced “discussing” the details of the liturgy as contrary to the Christian faith. “To demonstrate a serious lack of respect for the Blessed Sacrament, the Sacrament of Charity and Unity, by discussing the details of how to celebrate […]