Experts warn against excessively posting about children on social media: ‘Sharenting’

Health experts are warning parents against oversharing details about their children on social media, warning that doing so could have long-term effects on their children’s mental health. “Sharenting” refers to “digital oversharing – the excessive posting of information, photos, stories and updates about your children’s lives,” according to a Cleveland Clinic article published Wednesday. Examples […]

Liberal Media Scream: MSNBC regular cites Clarence Thomas’s white wife in racist rant

This week’s Liberal Media Scream features the latest example of the Left’s hysteria over conservative judges on the Supreme Court. MSNBC regular talker Elie Mystal said that Associate Justice Clarence Thomas not only wanted votes from black people to count less than white votes in elections, but he cited Thomas’s wife of 37 years, Virginia […]

North Korea Says Plans To Launch Satellite By June 4: Japanese Media

North Korea, which possesses nuclear weapons, launched its first reconnaissance satellite in November last year (image). Seoul, South Korea: North Korea has notified Japan of its plans to launch a satellite by June 4, Japanese media reported on Monday, citing the Japan Coast Guard. In response, South Korea’s government said Pyongyang was preparing to put […]

ADAM WEISS: Will Corporate Media Shoot Itself In The Foot During The Presidential Debates?

In today’s media landscape, accusations of bias are rampant, and mainstream outlets are under intense scrutiny. Allegations of a left-wing slant are not just conservative complaints — they’re potential threats to the heart of our democratic process, particularly during the crucial presidential debates. As the 2024 election intensifies, the media’s influence on these debates could […]

Media: Gen Z is Doomed

Years after the fact, the mainstream media is discovering that Gen Z is doomed. As CNN puts it, Gen Z is “earning less, has more debt, and higher delinquency rates than Millennials did at their age.” In short, the pandemic did a number on Gen Z, followed by a wallop from Bidenflation, lagging wages, and […]