Hunter Biden pre-trial hearing in Delaware ahead of gun trial next month

A pretrial hearing in Hunter Biden’s federal firearms trial is scheduled for Friday in Delaware. His eldest son, Hunter, has tried multiple times and failed to have the charges against him dismissed. Hunter Biden pleaded not guilty to federal firearms charges in U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware after Special Counsel David Weiss […]

How Pulse’s Anthem of Grace Reached 67 Million People in One Month

Pulse movement founder and evangelist Nick Hall is celebrating the movement’s new initiative reaching more than 60 million people in its first month.according to CBN Newsthe pulse is campaign anthem The campaign will take place on Good Friday in April 2024 as part of a year-long effort to bring people to Christ. “The Hymn of […]

Another month, another jobs record: Texas triples US job growth rate in April

(The Center Square) – Every month, Texas breaks its previous job growth records. April was no different with Texas’ job growth rate tripling the U.S. rate. Last month, the Texas labor market once again set record-high levels for the greatest number of filled jobs, the greatest number of employed Texans, and the largest civilian labor […]

Missed The Northern Lights? Don’t Worry, Another Show Expected Next Month

Last weekend’s aurora borealis was the result of a massive solar storm. Last week, some parts of the world were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights. Don’t worry if you miss out on some amazing sights. It is possible that it will reappear as early as next month. The Northern Lights, […]

Trump Campaign Challenges Biden to One Debate a Month

The Trump campaign has called on President Joe Biden to hold “monthly debates” from June to September, giving voters “maximum exposure to each candidate’s record and vision for the future.” “can be done.” In a memo written Wednesday by Chris Lacivita and Susie Wiles, the Trump campaign congratulated Biden on finally accepting the former president’s […]

Target learned a lesson: Pride Month plans already upsetting LGBTQ activists

Facing backlash, Target plans to restrict stores that sell LGBTQ-themed products during Pride Month. Last year, the retail giant was subject to a boycott for selling “tuck-friendly” swimwear, LGBTQ baby onesies, and other pro-trans and LGBT products. Target has since removed some LGBTQ merchandise or moved it to less-trafficked areas of its stores after losing […]