Iran-Backed Houthis Attack Three Ships in Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean

Yemen’s Iran-backed Houthi terrorist group said on Thursday it had targeted three more commercial ships with missiles and drones. Two of the ships were attacked in the Gulf of Aden, where many Houthi terrorist acts have been carried out in the past, and the third attack occurred in the Indian Ocean. Houthi military spokesperson Brig.General […]

Florida teens caught dumping trash into ocean arrested on felony charges

Two young spring breakers turned themselves in to police on Friday after a video went viral showing them dumping trash-filled trash cans into the ocean while on a boat off the coast of Florida last weekend. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission announced that a 16-year-old and a 15-year-old boy have both been charged […]

Florida locals infuriated as spring breakers caught dumping trash into the ocean

A group of drunken spring breakers dumped two giant garbage cans filled with trash into the ocean in Florida, infuriating local residents. The brazen partygoers were likely part of the 10,000 revelers attending the annual Boca Bash over the weekend. Shocking video footage In the group shared online, people can be seen dumping trash from […]

Iran-Backed Houthi Rebels Attack 4 Ships In Indian Ocean, Red Sea

Protesters hold rifles at a rally organized by the Houthis. (File) Dubai/Cairo: Yemen’s Houthis have announced they have targeted the MSC Orion container ship in the Indian Ocean with a drone attack as part of an ongoing campaign against international shipping in solidarity with Palestinians opposed to Israeli military action in Gaza. . According to […]

Missing Since 1800s, Ocean Predator Appears In Fishers’ Net In Chile

Chilean angel sharks remain shrouded in mystery An artisanal fisherman was fishing for bony fish off the coast of Chile when he accidentally caught something more important with his gillnet. They captured a “lost” species. Back in 1887, a researcher described the Chilean angel shark as a small, flat, ray-like shark that lived in shallow […]