Inflation still causing pain for Americans — especially parents: Fed survey

Even as price pressures ease, U.S. households will continue to feel the pinch of inflation in the second half of 2023, the Federal Reserve said Tuesday, with most Americans feeling the pinch of inflation in the second half of 2023. Although their financial situation has changed little over the past year, parents report that the […]

Still More Pain For The Stock Market Bears? – Forbes

A sick bear is sleeping alone in bed getty Investors and traders alike were likely feeling a bit spooked at the beginning of last week, as the 5.5% decline in the Nasdaq Composite Index was the largest since November 2022. His 10% drop in his high-profile NVIDIA Nvidia SPDR Dow Jones Industrial Average ETF Trust […]

Apple Vision Pro users get black eyes, headaches, neck pain

Apple Vision Pro users report getting black eyes, headaches, and neck pain from their expensive goggles. Emily Olman, director of marketing for Hopscotch International, a California-based real estate photography company. told MarketWatch After wearing the Vision Pro for the first time, she suffered from two “extremely dark eyes.” “I couldn’t use it much for the […]

Touch can reduce pain, depression and anxiety, say researchers | Medical research

Researchers say the sensation of touch, whether it’s a hug from a friend or the caress of a weighted blanket, appears to benefit the body and mind. The sense of touch is the first thing that babies develop and is very important for experiencing their environment and communicating. Indeed, the loss of contact with others […]