Rail Company Reaches $310 Million Settlement With Biden EPA For East Palestine Derailment

Norfolk Southern Railroad reached an agreement to pay $310 million to settle claims from the February 2023 train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, the Environmental Protection Agency announced. A train carrying toxic chemicals derailed near East Palestine, Ohio, Feb. 3, 2023 prompting evacuations and shelter-in-place orders as authorities moved to address the release of the […]

FACT CHECK: Post Claims UN Has Given Palestine Full Membership

A post shared on Facebook claims that the United Nations (UN) General Assembly voted to give Palestine full membership. Verdict: Misleading While the UN General Assembly did vote to grant new “rights and privileges” to the Palestinian government, they did not receive full membership as claimed. Fact Check: Social media users are claiming that the UN […]

Norway, Ireland, and Spain Recognise Palestine as a State

Europe’s three left-wing governments have announced that they will formally recognize Palestine as a state later this month, infuriating Israel, who says it rewards terrorism. Norway, Ireland and Spain said they would break with Western norms and join countries around the world, including Russia and China, in recognizing Palestine as a state. This change will […]

Norway, Ireland, and Spain to formally recognize Palestine as a state

The governments of Norway, Ireland, and Spain announced on Wednesday their intentions to recognize Palestine as an independent state. The three countries said the formal declaration would resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Ireland Prime Minister Simon Harris called implementing and formally recognizing the two-state solution a “historic and important day for Ireland and for Palestine,” the Associated […]

Blinken, Van Hollen Revive Failed John Kerry’s ‘Palestine First’ Model

Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Sen. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) on Tuesday announced the old and failed traditional policy of pursuing Palestinian statehood ahead of other peace deals between Israel and Arab states. was jointly revived. This policy was infamously adopted in 2016 by then-Secretary of State John Kerry, who was adamant that there […]

5 steps colleges should take after the Palestine protests 

occupied building. broken window. tent encampment. Anti-Semitic slogan. A masked mob supporting a terrorist organization.of Scenes at dozens of famous American universities It’s like a dystopian movie. This is an emotional tableau, and much of the commentary reflects that. But blame and deviation don’t offer much of a path forward. What should campus leaders do? […]

Comedian Leo Dottavio infiltrated a Palestine protest

After infiltrating a pro-Palestinian camp at UCLA, comedian Leo Dottavio discovered that the participants, mostly uninformed white women, were looking for their next “weekday adventure” and mostly just hanging out. He said he was just there. Dottavio traveled throughout the United States, visiting liberal universities, towns, and even Appalachia. He and his fellow YouTuber/comic Danny […]

Don’t be fooled by college protests, Gen Z wants dialogue on Israel and Palestine

After two weeks of raucous campus protests, it is clear that universities are battlegrounds for U.S. dialogue about the war in Gaza.from Israeli student interference go to class, go to demonstrators break the window and hundreds of student arrestthese incidents clearly demonstrate how Gen Z navigates dialogue and dissent. However, that’s wrong. We are seeing […]

Police Enter Another US University As Palestine Protesters Occupy Building

Pro-Palestinian protesters occupied a building at the University of California, Irvine on Wednesday, prompting university officials to call multiple law enforcement agencies, cancel classes, and advise people on campus to evacuate to designated areas. a university spokesperson said. No arrests or injuries were reported as multiple Orange County law enforcement agencies, including the Irvine Police […]

Whistleblower alleges mistakes in initial East Palestine disaster response

Was East Palestine a failure of the EPA? FOX News Chief Washington Correspondent Mike Emanuel reports on how no public health emergency was declared in East Palestine despite concerns in the “special report.” The Environmental Protection Agency objected. Whistleblower claims Initial data collected from the scene of last year’s derailment of a Norfolk Southern train […]