Feds putting end to ‘humorous’ highway signs to prioritize safety

Federal authorities aren't laughing… The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is cracking down on “humorous” digital signs that are putting smiles on the faces of drivers across the country. Highways in Ohio are asking drivers to “slow down” to reach their in-laws late, while roads in New Jersey are telling Halloween fans to “Hocus Pocus, concentrate […]

Mexican government forces freight lines to prioritize passenger rail

The Mexican government on Monday issued a decree forcing private freight railroads to prioritize passenger train service over regular freight trains. The decree gives two major private railway operators until January 15 to submit proposals to provide passenger services themselves. If they refuse, the government will put the Army and Navy in charge of the […]

Advocates say candidates need to prioritize Black men in 2024

Advocates are calling on political leaders to prioritize Black male voters so they don’t stay home on Election Day in 2024. Some say demographics are too often overlooked and concerns ignored. Mondale Robinson, founder of the Black Male Voter Project, said: “Never before have black male issues been really front and center for any political […]