Steward pensions face new questions with hospitals in bankruptcy – The Boston Globe

“Bankruptcy is [pension] “The plan is going to fail,” said Julie Pinkham, executive director of the Massachusetts Nurses Association and a trustee of the Nurses Retirement System. “We won’t know until we see how things play out for the hospitals.” The future of pensions — whether workers can count on them for the long term […]

Rashida Tlaib staffer uses umbrella to block Fox questions about Netanyahu Capitol visit

WASHINGTON — Staff members of far-left Rep. Rashida Tlaib held up umbrellas Thursday despite clear skies to shield members of her “Squad” from questions about a possible speech by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Congress. The anti-Semitic Rep. (D-Mich.) and her aides were approached outside the Capitol by Fox News producer Chad Pergram, who […]

Post your questions for Harry Hill | Movies

Harry Hill, a former doctor and still a registered practitioner, cemented his career as a bespectacled, big-collared stand-up comedian when he won the Perrier Best Newcomer award in Edinburgh in 1992. More than 30 years on, he’s just announced a New Bits & Greatest Hits tour to celebrate “60 years of fun” ahead of his […]

The questions about porn feminists refuse to answer

In the words of sex columnist Dan Savage, technology has “put a porn studio in everyone’s pocket.” This does not mean that other, more traditional forms of pornography have been eradicated and replaced by amateur productions. Of course, porn studios still exist, and women still appear, either voluntarily or under coercion, in more produced pornographic […]

Mysterious shooting outside Army Special Forces residence in NC raises questions

The Army’s Criminal Investigation Division and local police are investigating a mysterious shooting that occurred north of Fort Liberty, North Carolina (formerly Fort Bragg), not far from where America’s most elite Special Operations forces live and train. The shooting in Carthage, North Carolina, happened at 8:15 p.m. on May 3rd after a call was received […]

Memecoins ‘just better’: GME, AMC drop raises questions – AMBCrypto News

GameStop and AMC saw sharp rises and falls, sparking debate about market trends. Meme coins have the potential to outperform meme stocks due to their perceived advantages. The surge was short-lived. GameStop (GME), Solana [SOL] The base meme coin that soared after Roaring Kitty’s resurgence is now red. according to coin market capGME witnessed a […]