Stephen A. Smith: Michelle Obama would ‘hands down’ be next president if she ran

Sports commentator Stephen A. Smith said if former first lady Michelle Obama runs for president in 2024, she would “absolutely” beat former President Trump. Smith appeared on former NBA player Kevin Garnett’s “KG Certified” podcast and was asked how close he thought the United States was to having female leaders. He told Garnett that he […]

Hamas Ran Stasi-like Secret Police Spying On Gazans’ Personal Lives

The Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas, which brutally attacked Israel on October 7, ran a secret police agency that monitored the personal lives of Gaza residents in a style reminiscent of the Stasi, the notorious East German spy agency. of new york times The story was told on Monday using documents the Israeli military said it […]

Lionel Messi’s bodyguard sprints to tackle fan who ran onto field

Lionel Messi’s personal bodyguard will be on extra duty as three pitch invaders try to get close to the global icon while Inter Miami takes on Sporting Kansas City at Arrowhead Stadium on Saturday night. was doing. Yashin Chouko became as much of an internet sensation as Messi during Inter Miami’s 3-2 win. This came […]

Florida teen dies after friends ran from shooting without helping him: police

Florida police chief slams “friends” of a teenager who died from gunshot wounds, saying they fled the scene without offering help to the victim or law enforcement. . Sadarion Cosby, 17, was shot in the abdomen during an altercation in the Orlando suburb of Sanford on Tuesday night and died at HCA Florida Lake Monroe […]

Gutfeld: Google searches buried anything that ran counter to their point of view

newYou can now listen to Fox News articles. Is it time to break Google’s grip so the truth can be told? When you use the world’s most popular search engine, you probably assume you’ll get unbiased answers. This is what made “Google it” a popular phrase, along with “Try it” and “Think differently.” And, “Mr. […]