‘We must take action’: Red state risks legal showdown with Biden DOJ over this key issue

An immigration bill that would allow local police to arrest illegal immigrants has reached Louisiana’s governor’s desk, bringing a potential court battle with the Biden administration one step closer. Senate Bill 388, authored by Republican Sen. Valerie Hodges, received final approval from the state Senate on Tuesday after a series of amendments. The bill now […]

Rafah offensive by Israel didn’t cross Biden’s ‘red line,’ White House says

White House officials told reporters that an Israeli airstrike on Sunday in Rafah that killed two Hamas officials and dozens of civilians did not violate Biden’s “red lines,” primarily because the strike was not a large-scale ground operation. White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby, speaking to reporters at a White House press conference […]

US forces shoot down Houthi drone over the Red Sea after ‘imminent threat’

U.S. Central Command said it shot down a drone launched from Houthi-controlled territory in Yemen over the Red Sea early Monday. According to a press release, military personnel determined the drone was hostile and shot it down from the air at approximately 4 a.m. ” [uncrewed aerial system] U.S. Central Command posed an imminent threat […]

There’s A Massive Red Flag That Could Spell Disaster For Americans’ Pension Plans

U.S. government pension funds currently have the lowest cash holdings since the 2008 financial crisis, and corporate pensions’ cash holdings are barely above the 13-year low they hit in 2021, which could spell disaster in the event of a financial crisis. Over the past 15 years, public pensions had 2.45% cash holdings and private pensions […]

Red Sox, Brewers clear benches after dispute sparks heated scene

Brew Crew might be better renamed Brawl Crew. The Brewers were once again embroiled in a bench-clearing incident at Fenway Park on Sunday when first-base coach Quintin Berry appeared to get into a minor altercation with the Red Sox, but it appears there’s a bit more to the story. Red Sox pitcher Chris Martin admitted […]

Biden And Red States Are On Immigration Collision Course Heading For Supreme Court

The Biden administration is currently waging a legal campaign against Republican-led states, arguing that state laws that effectively restrict illegal immigration are unconstitutional. The Department of Justice has Lawsuit filed The protests came after three states passed laws giving police greater power to enforce immigration rules, but against the backdrop of an unprecedented border crisis, […]