Colorado Gov. Polis signs funeral home regulatory crackdowns into law

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis on Friday signed two bills that overhaul the state’s oversight of the funeral home industry following a series of gruesome discoveries, including 190 bodies decomposing inside funeral homes, fake ashes being sent to families, and body parts being sold without a license. The lawsuits have drawn attention to Colorado’s lax regulations […]

First Small Modular Reactor Gets Certification From Nuclear Regulatory Commission

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission announced the first-ever certification Friday of a small modular reactor design, a big step in the process of developing a new generation of new and more flexible nuclear reactors. The NRC approved the reactor design from NuScale Power, making it the first SMR design to be certified by the regulator and […]

Supreme Court Slaps Down Challenge That Could Have Gutted Financial Regulatory Agency

The Supreme Court rejected a challenge on Thursday that could have paved the way for a consumer protection regulator to be dismantled. The court ruled by 7-2 vote that the unconventional way the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) receives funding is constitutional, dealing a blow to the business interests who brought the challenge.  Two trade […]

Biden’s Regulatory Blitz On Appliances Figures To Make Life More Expensive, Policy Experts Say

The Biden administration’s regulations targeting appliances will likely make life considerably more expensive, energy policy experts told the Daily Caller News Foundation. The administration’s rulemakings have covered key appliances like air conditioners, refrigerators, water heaters and furnaces, generally setting the market on course to feature energy efficient models — which are often more expensive — […]

Elon Musk Leaves Beijing As Tesla Clears Key Regulatory Hurdles In China

Elon Musk arrived in Beijing on Sunday (File) Tech billionaire Tesla CEO Elon Musk departs Beijing on Monday after his company secured key data security clearance from Chinese authorities following whistleblower visit said an AFP reporter. Musk arrived in Beijing on Sunday, making his second visit to China in less than a year and meeting […]

GINN: NAIC’s New Regulatory Proposal Threatens Your Retirement Savings

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners’ (NAIC) recent regulatory proposals have concerned stakeholders across the U.S. insurance landscape. At the heart of the controversy are proposed changes that could fundamentally alter how life insurance companies invest in financial instruments, with far-reaching consequences for the broader economy and, more specifically, the retirement security of millions of […]

Hawaiian locals face housing crisis as regulatory costs drive up condo prices

Regulatory fees account for more than half of the price of new condos in Hawaii, contributing to soaring housing costs, according to a new university report. The median price for a new two-bedroom condo in Hawaii is $672,000, more than double the national average of $300,000. Long delays in permitting, parking space requirements, and other […]

Worldcoin surges over 200% despite AI regulatory challenges –

World Coin (WLD) the current transaction At $8.85, it represents a price increase of over 253% in the past 14 days. The recent surge was driven by several factors. OpenAI’s Sora is an artificial intelligence-powered platform that transforms text into lifelike videos (Sam Altman, co-founder of Worldcoin, is also CEO and co-founder of OpenAI) Recently, […]

Capital One’s purchase of Discover faces political and regulatory hurdles

Ramsey Solutions personality Jade Warshaw talks about young people living with their parents, ‘buy now, risk later’ and how to best diversify your stock allocation. Capital One is moving ahead with plans to buy Discover Financial, but the proposed takeover is expected to face significant opposition from regulators, and whether the deal actually goes through […]