Is a Residential Real Estate Revolution Coming?

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) settled a series of lawsuits that are being trumpeted as “a radical change” in commissions paid to real estate agents for the purchase and/or sale of a home. There is so much misinformation being spread on this issue it boggles the mind. Let’s clear up some things. First, the […]

The Sex Education of Our Nation’s Children: Since the Sexual Revolution

  Then came the 1960s and the Sexual Revolution. Many attribute the Sexual Revolution to the birth control pill approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 1960. Some states banned the pill entirely or made it illegal for single women to purchase, but by 1972, the Supreme Court ruled that prohibiting the sale of contraceptives […]

Harvard Yard Invaded by Anti-Israel Encampment; ‘Intifada Revolution’

On Wednesday, the second day of Passover, anti-Israel demonstrators invaded Harvard, set up camp and chanted an “intifada revolution,” sparking outrage from Jewish leaders concerned for the safety of students. caused a reaction. great video from @Harvard University Just yesterday, Harvard University suspended the Harvard Palestine Solidarity Committee (PSC). Within 24 hours, students set up […]

‘Our Revolution’: Far-left lawmakers host event taking aim at ‘anti-peace’ pro-Israel group

A group supporting left-wing congressional candidates who want to put conditions on U.S. aid to Israel hosted an event Monday night aimed at bashing the pro-Israel lobby and “building a progressive force in Congress.” ing. Our Revolution, an organization founded by self-proclaimed democratic socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (R-Vt.), is co-founded by Congressional Progressive Caucus Chairman […]

AI Revolution Poised to Disrupt Entry-Level Jobs on Wall Street

A traditional rite of passage for young professionals seeking a career in investment banking could soon be upended by rapid advances in AI technology, according to a recent report. of new york times report Investment banks are increasingly turning to AI to automate and streamline many of the tasks typically performed by entry-level analysts, raising […]

Industrial Revolution began in 17th not 18th century, say academics | History

The Industrial Revolution began more than 100 years earlier than previously thought, with Britons already transitioning from agriculture to manufacturing in the 1600s, according to new research. Seventeenth-century England can be understood as the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, laying the foundations for the transition from a society based on agriculture and handicrafts to a […]

Israel Faces ‘Color Revolution’ as Opposition Protests, Gantz Wants New Elections

Israel faces the possibility of a US-backed “color revolution” amid its war against Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip, as rebels support street protests against the government, and major Ministers are calling for new elections. A “color revolution” is a mass protest movement targeted at an existing government, elected or unelected, with support from the […]