States Actively Oppose The Attempted Title IX Rewrite

Editors’ Note:  So far, we have not heard a peep out of Governor Hobbs or Attorney General Mayes on the Biden Administration’s twisting of Title IX. For many Democrats, what women need is unrestricted state-funded abortions, but otherwise, it is OK to define them out of existence. This is a great opportunity for Republicans to […]

The Biden administration pressures fact checkers to rewrite reality

President Joe Biden wanted to ban gas stoves but ultimately backed down due to backlash. Now we know his administration tries to rewrite history by pressuring “fact checkers.” According to emails acquired by the watchdog group Functional Government Initiative, the Consumer Product Safety Commission pressured fact-checking site Snopes to change its rating on the claim […]

UN panel criticize Russia’s efforts to rewrite school curriculum about Ukraine

A UN-backed committee focused on children’s rights called on Russia to stop school textbooks from being altered to serve political or military purposes. The Committee on the Rights of the Child held the hearing in Geneva as part of the periodic review given to all United Nations member states. The commission last examined Russia’s children’s […]

NYC pols urge judge to nix NYPD plan to rewrite protest rules

A bipartisan group of City Council members is asking a federal judge to reject a controversial settlement agreement that requires the NYPD to scale back its enforcement during street protests, which would require police officers to reduce violence to prevent riots. They have been handcuffed and warned that they will make the city a more […]

Cowboys’ Dak Prescott can rewrite his narrative with postseason run

No quarterback in the NFL is scrutinized every year for the level of intensity that Dak Prescott is. A lot of that has to do with the insane amount of attention his team, the Cowboys, receives. A lot of that has to do with the talent around Prescott. All of that raises the level of […]