VA Democrats Pass ‘Assault Firearm’ Ban Targeting Semiautomatic Rifles

Virginia House Democrats on Friday passed an “assault rifle” ban that would ban semi-automatic centerfire rifles with removable magazines and threaded barrels. It is clear from the prohibition (HB 2) that instead of a threaded barrel, semi-automatic centerfire rifles: Forbidden categories If equipped with a vertical foregrip, “sound suppressor,” “muzzle brake,” “muzzle compensator,” or “folding, […]

Nuns Who Own Shares Of Gunmaker Company File Lawsuit Over AR-15 Assault Rifles

“These rifles have no purpose other than mass murder,” the nuns said in a statement. A group of Catholic nuns on Tuesday sued Smith & Wesson's board of directors, seeking to force the company to stop manufacturing, marketing and selling assault-style rifles linked to mass shootings in the United States. The lawsuit, filed in Nevada […]

Catholic nuns sue Smith & Wesson to halt sales of AR-15 assault rifles

A group of Catholic nuns sued the board of directors on Tuesday, asking Smith & Wesson to abandon its manufacturing, marketing and sale of the assault-style rifle used in the U.S. mass shooting. The nuns’ lawsuit in state court in Nevada alleges that Smith & Wesson’s directors and senior management intentionally violated federal, state and […]

Joy Behar comment about assault rifles is a total face palm

“Once on this show, I gave credit to the women of ‘The View,’” says Dave Rubin, “but today is not that day.” And it’s no wonder we hear the totally ridiculous conversation that happened between Joy Behar and Sarah Haines. “I would really like to see a ban on assault weapons,” Sarah said, adding: “I […]

10,000 Assault Rifles Being Distributed to Israeli Civilian Security Teams

Israel’s Minister of National Security Itamar Ben Gvir announced on Tuesday that the country had purchased 10,000 assault rifles and was distributing them to private security teams in communities along the border. On October 8, Breitbart News reported that Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant ordered the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) to distribute weapons and ammunition […]

Authorities arrest armed Mexican cartel members who came across US border with rifles

ExclusiveTexas law enforcement arrested two Mexican cartel associates who were crossing the US southern border with rifles and armor-piercing ammunition. Fox News last week released images of three men running across the border with rifles and bulletproof vests trying to evade authorities as they entered the United States in the Fronton, Texas area on Aug. […]

Oprah hits every woke talking point in commencement speech — addresses ‘corrupted’ Supreme Court, LGBT community, ‘gutted’ voting rights, ‘military-grade assault rifles,’ and more

billionaire Oprah Winfrey gave a wake-up commencement speech At her graduation ceremony at Tennessee State University on Saturday, she addressed every issue perceived to plague the country in the eyes of the progressive left. She encouraged her alumni to go out into the world and tackle a wide variety of issues, including climate change, systemic […]