Lizzo Reacts to Being Roasted in Obesity-Themed ‘South Park’ Episode

Pop star Lizzo recently South Park The episode lampooned her body positive message and persona. Lizzo shared her response in a TikTok video in which she filmed herself watching a clip from a South Park episode that simultaneously pokes fun at American obesity culture, American drug culture, and American body positivity culture. In the episode, […]

Ilhan Omar Roasted After Completely Misunderstanding Memorial Day

Minnesota Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar drew backlash on Twitter on Monday after confusing holiday customs in a tweet about Memorial Day. “upon [Memorial Day]”We honor the heroic men and women who served our country. We owe them more than a thank you — they are well entitled to quality mental health services, employment opportunities, housing […]

George Mason Disastrously Changes Their Logo, Gets Roasted By The Public As They Should

As a Virginia native, I’m incredibly disappointed in this move by George Mason. The university unveiled Thursday a redesign of its logo, completing its three-year-long rebranding. The logo, which has a look so simple that it’s ugly, will be the new image for both the college and its athletics program. It apparently “asserts George Mason’s […]

Joy Reid’s Blog Roasted for Post About Diversity in MLB

MSNBC on Monday claimed that Major League Baseball’s hiring of black players is a “warning against DEI” after it was reported that the number of black players in Major League Baseball has dropped to 6% of the league’s players. An editorial was published. Network writer Jahan Jones expressed disappointment on his ‘ReidOut Blog’ post He […]

Infamous Ex-NFL Star Gets Roasted By Damar Hamlin After Tweeting That He’s Dead

Former NFL star Antonio Brown has been making waves on social media ever since he launched his concept called “CTESPN.” This is a quasi-news initiative and a hashtag we use to stay relevant by sharing news and content about the world of sports. Flagrant highlights of his absurd posts include bragging about cheating on his […]

Smylie Kaufman glutton for punishment, roasted by Max Homa at Arnold Palmer Invitational

Max Homa’s presence on social media is becoming legendary among PGA Tour pros. He took on the role of destroying and usually destroying fans’ swings. Now, at Friday’s Arnold Palmer Invitational, Homa, along with NBC Sports’ Smiley Kaufman, happy hour segment. Of course they I had a great timebut that was Kaufman’s sacrifice. Kaufman showed […]

Ray Dalio roasted for ‘Taylor Swift for President’ Eras post

Hedge fund titan Ray Dalio posted a selfie from Taylor Swift’s Elas tour in Singapore, leading to the controversial billionaire being slammed on social media. There, he enthusiastically supported the superstar as a presidential candidate. “@taylorswift13 for president!” the 74-year-old Bridgewater Associates founder posted on X on Thursday. “I just saw her at a concert […]

ATF ‘Firearms Expert’ Gets Roasted For Failing At Glock Disassembly … These Are The People Who Regulate Your Guns

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) Director Steven Dettelbach brought a so-called “leading expert” to a Sunday appearance on CBS’s Face the Nation, where he showed off a Glock pistol. It proved surprisingly impossible to disassemble. Chris Bolt, the acting chief of the ATF’s Firearms and Ammunition Technology Division, had a laughable amount […]