Concertgoers share Ticketmaster horror stories amid DOJ suit

Concert-goers on Thursday celebrated the Justice Department’s lawsuit against Live Nation and its subsidiary Ticketmaster, which has long been accused of monopoly control over ticket sales for live events in the United States. Music lovers took to social media to question why it took the government so long to take action against Live Nation. This […]

Nvidia stock reaches all-time high after strong earnings, share split

Shares of chip maker Nvidia hit an all-time high on Thursday after the company reported better-than-expected first-quarter profits and announced a stock split. Nvidia was trading at about $1,051 a share just after 12:30 p.m. EDT Thursday, well above its previous high of about $950. The company reported Wednesday that revenue is expected to be […]

Market experts share 4 ways to make money on rising gold prices –

Since the start of the year, gold has gained 12.8% in USD terms, outpacing gold’s 2.8%, 4.3% and long-term U.S. Treasuries’ 20.4%. In a recent note, a financial research firm outlined four ways investors can gain exposure to rising gold prices. gold price rises In early 2024, gold prices soared to new record levels, with […]

Sleep experts share how late night screen time can sabotage your quality of rest

According to the National Sleep Foundation, more than half of Americans use their cell phones within an hour before bed. Experts recommend turning off your devices early to improve your sleep quality. Breaking the habit involves redesigning your evening routine by replacing screen time with activities like reading or spending time with family. Like many […]