California Assembly Passes Apology for Slavery, Despite Entering Union as ‘Free State’

California’s state legislature voted Thursday to apologize for the state’s role in slavery. However, California entered the Union as a “free state” in 1850. invoice, AB 3089was written by Rep. Reggie Jones Sawyer (D-Los Angeles) and passed as the state Legislature considered various other “reparations” bills. The bill acknowledges that California outlawed slavery, but cites […]

California reparations payouts on hold, but state moves toward apology for slavery

Although the California Senate put on hold plans to provide reparations to the state’s citizens, Congress voted to formally apologize for the state’s role in slavery. California’s House of Representatives on Thursday passed a bill to send to the Senate, acknowledging responsibility for “all the harms and atrocities committed by the state.” Los Angeles Times […]

5 years before ‘true slavery’ as AI gets alarmingly smarter

The future is here, and not in a good way. Stu witnessed it on a recent trip to Los Angeles, where he recalled autonomous robots making deliveries all over the city. “We have robots and robotic vehicles that look like something out of Star Wars,” he explains. “They’re just driving across town.” That’s bad enough, […]

Experts Tell Congress Auditing for Slavery in Chinese Factories Impossible

Experts, including one of the world’s top researchers on the Uyghur genocide and a senior Labor Department official, told Congress this week that there should be no legal audit to examine slavery and other forced labor in China, particularly in the occupied Uyghur region. stated that it had not been carried out. “impossible.” The experts […]

Man Vowing to ‘Avenge Palestine’ Kidnaps Jewish Woman, Threatens Her with Sex Slavery

A Jewish woman was reportedly kidnapped, raped, given death threats and sex trafficked by a man seeking “revenge against Palestine.” On Sunday, police arrested a 32-year-old man (whose name has not yet been released) in the Genevilliers commune on the northwest outskirts of Paris on suspicion of kidnapping, rape and “threat to kill on religious […]

Guardian wins award for exposé of founders’ links to transatlantic slavery | The Guardian

The Guardian exposed the founder’s links to transatlantic slavery, won one of its reporters the news reporter of the year award and won the diversity award at the prestigious Press Awards. Press Awards judges called the Guardian’s cross-platform Cotton Capital series, which includes news articles, long-form essays, podcasts, videos, magazines, a 15-part newsletter and social […]

Temu Encouraged Suppliers to Use Chinese Cotton, Ignoring Slavery Risk

China’s electronic marketplace for cheap goods, Tem, has “encouraged” suppliers to use Chinese cotton in their products, even though the majority of the cotton is produced in occupied East Turkestan, Technology News says. This was reported by the website “The Information”. Suspect The report released Thursday clearly ignores the risks of using materials contaminated by […]