ISIS Pair Allegedly Kept Yazidi Child Sex Slaves

BERLIN (AP) – Two Iraqis accused of keeping two Yazidi girls as slaves and sexually and physically abusing them while members of the Islamic State have been arrested in Germany, prosecutors said. It was announced on Wednesday. Federal prosecutors said in a statement that the man and woman, identified only as Towana HS and Asia […]

Migrant influencer Leonel Moreno mocks US taxpayers who ‘work like slaves’

“Immigrant influencer’s” mug shot of U.S. lam fleeing from immigration authorities surfaced for the first time on Thursday – freeloader Venezuelan again mocks U.S. taxpayers on social media for enslaving them Because I did. Leonel Moreno, who made a name for himself on TikTok by encouraging others to enter the United States and illegally occupy […]

American taxpayers are now slaves to interest payments

E. J. Antoni, a financial economist at the Heritage Foundation, said consumers are increasingly relying on debt and dipping into savings as they spend more on “making money.” interest on federal debt Currently, that tax is huge, consuming 40% of all personal income taxes. Increasingly, the federal government’s largest source of revenue is devoted solely […]

RFK Jr. explains how Democrats became slaves to Big Pharma

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was one of the first to be censored after President Biden took office. Less than 37 hours after Mr. Biden was sworn in, the White House ordered Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to delete Mr. He threatened to revoke his disclaimer. “Without the Section 230 exemption, their companies would disappear,” RFK Jr. […]