Prostitutes in ‘G-Strings’ Free to Solicit Thanks to Law Signed by Gavin Newsom

Since then, nearly naked prostitutes brazenly advertising their services have plagued California cities. A radical law signed by Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom that bans arrests for loitering while soliciting went into effect in January. Sex workers wearing only “G-string”Mayor Ron Morrison said GS in front of schools, highways and local businesses is causing serious problems […]

Verizon didn’t solicit bids before inking Google search engine deal, executive testifies

Verizon executives testified Monday that the company had not solicited other bids until Google signed a recent deal to become the default search engine on its phones. The Justice Department opened the second week of Verizon’s landmark antitrust trial by questioning Brian Higgins, a longtime Verizon executive who helped negotiate the company’s contracts with Google […]

CUNY professor tried to solicit NYC sex workers : NYPD

The New York Police Department has arrested more than a dozen Joneses (including an Arabic professor at the City University of New York) for trying to hire prostitutes in Brooklyn following the Post’s revelations about the open-air sex trafficking plaguing eastern New York. announced. In the early hours of August 18, officers handcuffed and charged […]

Morell Confirmed Hunter Laptop Letter ‘Wasn’t My Idea,’ ‘Didn’t Solicit It’

In part of an interview Monday with Fox News Department of State correspondent Benjamin Hall, which aired on Monday’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “Stories,” Secretary of State Antony Brinken said the 2020 letter from the former intelligence official was , Hunter Biden’s laptop story is Russian disinformation, not his idea, he “didn’t ask for […]

Oakland prostitutes solicit sex work near Catholic school

KGO-TV reported: “The I-Team filmed videos along E. 15th Street outside the school gates on four different dates showing barely-dressed young women walking on the sidewalk, on the street corner, or directly across from the school. All videos were shot as children were dropped off or walked to school.” Concerned parent Rosa Vargas told KGO-TV […]