Adrian Houser will get another Mets start to spell rest of rotation

There are a lot of clouds in the Mets’ rotation, but the immediate plans are clear. Manager Carlos Mendoza said Adrian Hauser is scheduled to return to the starting rotation, at least temporarily, against Philadelphia on Wednesday, giving the club’s other starting pitchers an extra day of rest. At least for this turn, Hauser will […]

Kevin O’Leary ‘forbids’ couples to merge their finances, warns lacking financial identity could spell disaster

Kevin O’Leary, Chairman of O’Leary Ventures, talks about what’s happened in the wake of COVID-19, concerns about recession, and the importance of maintaining your financial identity. ‘Shark Tank’ star and investor Kevin O’Leary says he ‘forbids’ couples to combine financially, saying that a lack of one’s own financial identity can lead to problems if one’s […]

Pope Francis Blames Mongolian Cold Spell on ‘Climate Crisis’

ROME – Pope Francis blames global warming for Mongolia’s current cold wave, calling an overheated environment a “global social problem.” Following the weekly Angelus address On Sunday, the pope said he was close to the Mongolian people “who are affected by the severe cold wave that is causing serious humanitarian consequences.” This extreme phenomenon is […]

Hannity: New Gallup surveys spell a lot more trouble for Joe Biden

On “Hannity,” FOX News host Sean Hannity profiles President Biden’s struggles with the key demographics that helped elect him in 2020. Sean Hannity: Well, last night was the Nevada primary election. Remember, Trump is not on the ballot. He will participate in the caucus tomorrow. That’s the vote that actually matters to RNC delegates. I […]

White House Officials To Reportedly Meet With Muslim Leaders As Polls Spell Trouble

White House officials plan to meet with Muslim leaders in Michigan as President Joe Biden pursues former President Donald Trump in several battleground states, four sources familiar with the plan said. told the Detroit News. Since the terrorist group Hamas invaded Israel on October 7, Mr. Biden and his administration have pledged support to the […]

Stock investors fear 'no-landing' economy could spell trouble. What's next?. – MarketWatch

U.S. stock markets are pricing in a “soft landing” scenario for the economy, despite strong January jobs numbers, relatively strong corporate earnings, and the Fed’s Jerome Powell over the past week. This comment may indicate the possibility of a “non-landing”. ”, if the economy is resilient while inflation remains on target. Richard Flax, chief investment […]

Obama’s Leaked Confession Could Spell the End for Biden

The following content is freeport association. New evidence confirms that a storm is brewing within the Democratic Party. A close aide to Barack Obama just revealed that the former president is concerned that Biden is “very likely to lose.” Meanwhile, President Obama's chief political strategist, David Axelrod, warned Biden that he needs to ramp up […]

Cardi B and Offset’s birth charts spell out their rocky romance

There's only one Libra on the run, folks. She's been shedding light on her ex on the interwebs. Her Royal Highness Cardi B — The Bronx's Finest, Poet Laureate of Female Lubrication and a world-class Spitfire — separated from her husband; Vertex Sagittarius Offset. news Broke in early December Amidst accusations that he was unfaithful […]