Biden repeats Naval Academy appointment story at West Point commencement

During his commencement speech at West Point on Saturday, President Biden repeated his claim that he turned down an offer to attend the Naval Academy because he planned to play football. Biden, 81, told the graduates that he was “one of 10” appointed to the Naval Academy by Delaware Republican Sen. J. Caleb Boggs, years […]

Things Are Getting Strange With This Scottie Scheffler Arrest Story, And I’m Looking Justified For My Support Of Him

Free Scotty! Not only were the circumstances surrounding the arrest strange, but so were the police officers who arrested the PGA superstar. Scottie Schaeffler The handcuffed man has a significant disciplinary record that includes one suspension, according to employment records revealed Thursday. NBC News. Detective Brian Gillis arrested Scheffler as he was entering Valhalla Golf […]

Trump: Biden campaign put out ‘Fake Story’ that he ‘froze’ during NRA speech

Former President Donald Trump on Sunday night said the Democratic campaign spotlighted what he called a “fake story” that Trump “frozen” during a speech at a National Rifle Association (NRA) event in Dallas this weekend. In response, he fired back at President Biden with a gun. President Trump: “My speech at the NRA’s Endorsement for […]

Unearthing The Untold Story of Civil War Guerilla Warfare

The Union infantry escort aboard the train ran for its life and fired several shots blindly into the woods before another round from a Confederate howitzer penetrated the engine’s boiler, causing a terrifying explosion of steam and metal. Ta. The Rangers charged forward and plundered. train. They first rescued a newspaper carrier with a broken […]

‘Sight’ Is a True-Life Story of God’s Power Amidst Trials, Director Says

Same director as the 2023 hit movie BLIND and 2018 bible movies apostle of christ paul says his latest project, Angel Studios. eyesightwhich urges viewers to trust God through life’s trials. eyesight (PG-13) is the true story of a Chinese boy who grew up dreaming of becoming a doctor. From the 1960s onwards, his school […]