Zac Brown granted temporary restraining order against estranged wife after suing her: report

Zac Brown has reportedly been awarded a temporary restraining order after suing his estranged wife Kelly Yazdi over an Instagram post. The 45-year-old filed a lawsuit in Georgia on Friday seeking “an emergency temporary restraining order, injunctive relief, and damages arising from several past and threatened violations” of a non-disclosure agreement signed by Yazdi. Fox […]

Harvard graduate student suing university for ‘rewarding antisemitism,’ ignoring pleas of Jewish students

A graduate student at Harvard University is filing a lawsuit over the university’s response. anti-israel agitator And he describes the rise in anti-Semitism on campus as a “characteristic” of Ivy League schools. Shabbos Kestenbaum, a student at Harvard Divinity School, said of the university’s “out-of-control” anti-Semitism: scathing editorialThere he accused the university of ignoring the […]

United, Delta, American among airlines suing Biden admin over fee disclosure rule

A coalition of major airlines is suing the Biden administration over new rules requiring airlines to disclose surcharges at the time of purchase. The industry group Airlines for America filed the lawsuit Friday along with Delta Air Lines, American Airlines, United Airlines, JetBlue Airways, Hawaiian Airlines and Alaska Airlines. Airlines for America said in a […]

Three groups are suing New Jersey to block an offshore wind farm

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‘Hurt A Jew, We Sue You’: Dershowitz Suggests Suing If Liberal DAs Don’t Prosecute Possible Civil Rights Violations

Prominent lawyer Alan Dershowitz said Wednesday that Jewish students harassed by anti-Israel protesters should consider filing a lawsuit if left-wing prosecutors refuse to press charges. . Dershowitz’s comments come after police removed protesters who had occupied Hamilton Hall on the Ivy League campus, prompting Columbia University to urge professors to either cancel final exams or […]

Florida Suing Biden Administration over Title IX Changes

Florida is suing President Joe Biden’s administration over changes to Title IX mandating acceptance of transgender ideology, Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) announced Tuesday. “The state of Florida is suing the Biden administration over illegal changes to Title IX. Biden is abusing his constitutional authority to advance ideological policies that harm women and girls and are […]