TheBlaze removes ads, requests viewer support beat Big Tech

Like most websites, contained advertisements and pop-ups. Notice that it is in past tense – Features. However, the new and improved website Features Zero ads. “That’s kind of a big risk,” Stu Bruguiere told Blaze Media Editor-in-Chief Matthew Peterson. “The main problem facing all companies on the media right is that they are not […]

McConnell says he’s ‘fine’ – TheBlaze

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), whose bizarre and chilling incidents were caught on camera twice earlier this year, once in July and again in August, gave an interview on “Face the Nation.” When asked about his health condition, he said: That he is “fine”. “I’m fine,” McConnell told Margaret Brennan. “He is feeling well, […]

Commentary: Liberal ignorance explained – TheBlaze

The consensus on the left is that conservatives are simply uneducated, uninformed, ignorant, and therefore prone to all kinds of disinformation and outlandish conspiracy theories.And whether we like it or not, highly educated people are overwhelmingly left-handed. However, “highly educated” and “highly educated” are not the same. informed. Numbers and a little common sense speak […]

Commentary: Remember Jazz Jennings – TheBlaze

If anyone can claim the title of “trans pioneer,” it’s British journalist and travel writer Jean (formerly James) Morris. Morris had already established herself as a travel writer and journalist when she underwent sex reassignment surgery in 1972 at the age of 45, but she would go on to achieve even greater success before her […]

Trump Georgia mugshot released – TheBlaze

Former President Donald Trump was jailed in Atlanta, Georgia, on Thursday. President Trump: “We did nothing wrong and we have every right to contest an election that we believe is dishonest.” Said After surrendering. ex-president’s mug shot Released. Trump and several others are accused of trying to manipulate the 2020 election results in Peach State […]

Should Christians do IVF? – TheBlaze

In vitro fertilization has surged in recent years, but infertility has risen dramatically, couples are intentionally delaying childbirth for a variety of reasons, and IVF is the most effective fertility treatment on the market. Not surprising given that it has become law. However, there is much theological debate about IVF, especially among Christians who firmly […]

FDA posts about ivermectin – TheBlaze

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently pointed out on social media that the agency has not declared ivermectin to be safe or effective in treating or preventing COVID-19. “We’ve seen a lot of chatter about ivermectin in the last week, and some of what you see in videos and social media posts is not […]

Surfer ph – TheBlaze

Surfer Mikala Jones, known for taking pictures and videos while riding waves, has died at the age of 44 in a recent tragic surfing accident in Indonesia. Associated Press. The man’s father, Dr. Jon Jones, said a surfboard fin had cut his son’s femoral artery, according to the newspaper. “He was a humble artist. His […]

Travel ESG Restrictions – TheBlaze

As the world becomes increasingly digital since COVID-19, more and more Americans are working remotely, traveling and living in places they never dreamed they’d have the chance to see. I am taking the opportunity. But Glenn Beck believes that all is about to change, as the far left and the global elite are gradually changing […]

Barbie AI Transhumanism – TheBlaze

Music has evolved dramatically and no one knows it better than Winston Marshall. As a former Mumford & Sons banjo player, Marshall is well versed in the emergence of AI and the dangers that may follow. James Pross sat down with Marshall to discuss AI, censorship, post-humanism, and more. Marshall believes AI “will not only […]