6 Highlights of Trump’s Debate-Disrupting Interview With Tucker Carlson

Former President Donald Trump addressed the disputed 2020 election, his mounting legal problems, and the potential for “civil war” during a wide-ranging interview with former Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson, released Wednesday night. Trump, the nation’s 45th president and current front-runner for his party’s nomination, opted against participating in the first Republican primary debate with eight […]

‘I Actually Had An AK-47’: Tucker Reflects On Being Shot At In Middle East

Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson reflected Thursday on being shot at in the Middle East while interviewing comedian Dave Smith. Carlson told Smith that a “gun battle” broke out at a house he was at while documenting the Iraq War in 2003. “And one night I’m sitting on the roof on a sat phone trying […]

‘Guy Who Sh*ts His Pants?’: Aaron Rodgers, Tucker Carlson Clown Biden’s Mental Fitness

New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers roasted President Joe Biden’s mental faculties in a sit-down interview with Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson released Tuesday. The pair were speculating on the increasing absurdity of politics in America when Carlson suggested the political elite may be intentionally pushing the population to test them. Aaron Rodgers — […]